You never know God is all you need PicBy: Glenda “ToniSteelz” Martinez (December 2010)

Boy, don’t I understand those words all too well.  It’s been quite a year for me.

As an independent business owner, artist, and more, those words reside deep. 

Being hands on with everything from music to placement to booking gigs and

performances, never once have I stopped to acknowledge him.

Don’t get me wrong I pray, and I thank God every morning when I wake, throughout the day, and when I lay my head to sleep at night. But, I never acknowledged him.  I never thanked

him for my gifts, my talent, my motivation, my determination, or my success.  I

never thanked him for my blessings nor did I give him credit.  I was taking

advantage of him and of my life, and because of that everything was taken from


 I’ve always been employed with exceptional income at prestigious firms and

executive positions.  I’ve always been a woman with many trades and able to make

a living doing pretty much of anything.  I never wanted or needed much up until

a few months ago when all the doors closed. I couldn’t understand what was

happening. I’ve been unable to find work, I haven’t been successful with my

“side hustles” and everything came to a standstill. I’ve been unable to produce

music, promote my product, travel, shop or just have a night out with friends

because the funds just wasn’t there.  And then came the breakdown, the tears

and the repent.  I was so selfish.  I was living my life not realizing that my

life is not my own.

 I now know the secret and I completely get it.  I understand that I am not in control and that my time is borrowed.  I see that God is all I need and all I’ll ever have.  I couldn’t turn to friends or family. I didn’t want to burden anyone with my problems when everyone else was dealing with their own. But there GOD was, shining his light on me and never giving up; opening door after door, accepting me and allowing me to make it better.

Things are turning around for me and more doors are opening.  I now know where I stand and would rather have God all the time than need him some of the time. He’s definitely number 1!