Lady XBy: Shenelle Wallace

It’s the Season for giving, and Lady X of the Xtreme Praise Show, better known as Xavier Bost, is lending a helping hand.  Her annual Coat Drive is taking place on Saturday December 14th. So Divine Chats it up with Lady X about the spectacular event.

Shenelle Wallace: Hi Xavier!

Xavier Bost: Hey Shenelle!

Shenelle Wallace: Congratulations on your 4th annual coat drive. What prompted you to start doing this event?

Xavier Bost: I was doing the [radio] show and it started picking up momentum, so I wanted to do something to give back, and I decided to start volunteering. I started doing some research, and the first organization I found and learned about was New York Cares. Also, being a musician, and having the [radio] show I thought having an actual event would be a good way to showcase talent, and use that to get people to come out and donate.

Shenelle Wallace: Do you donate to the same company each year?

Xavier Bost: For the past three years, we’ve been donating the coats to New York Cares. This year, we’ll be donating to a different company called “One Warm Coat.” What I like about them is that they have several other organizations that they work with, and so I chose to donate to them this year.

Shenelle Wallace: You’ve had a few collaborations with this event in the past, who are you collaborating with this year?

Xavier Bost: We’re actually collaborating with a nonprofit organization called “Footwear For The World.” It’s ran by a podiatrist who started this organization for people in third world countries who don’t have footwear, which can then lead to certain diseases of the foot, and result in amputation of the foot. We can help to stop that by getting footwear for them. So this year, it’s not just coats being donated, its shoes too.

Shenelle Wallace: I’ve been to one of your events in the past. There was a lot of great singing and music. Who are some of the performers this year?

Xavier Bost: Being a singer myself, I’ve met some amazing singers and performers. This part of the show is our way of giving g back to the people who are donating. The performers this year are Malissa Redmond, Lena Soul, Christian Gibbs, Paul Gee, and myself.  We’ll also have vendors, giveaways, and GREAT raffle prizes! I’ll give you a little hint; we have basketball tickets as one of the prizes, but I won’t’ say for which team!

Shenelle Wallace: Hmmm…. Brooklyn Nets?

Xavier Bost: Maybe! (Laughs) But overall, it’s going to be a great show. There will be guest appearances from Lenny Green from WBLS, and DJ Tony Tone also from WBLS will be playing. I’ll be hosting with Mr. Warner J. Miller, who has been my guest co-host for a long time now on the Xtreme Praise Show.

Shenelle Wallace: Shout out to Warner, we interviewed him here on So Divine, so we’re looking forward to seeing him. For those who want to donate, what is the process?

Xavier Bost: Starting this weekend, from Saturday November 30th through December 14th, there will be a box at the location of the event, where people can drop off shoes or any type of foot wear, and coats. The address is:  Brooklyn Colony, 274 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 1115. We have an Event Brite website: where they can go for more information, and they can also visit the website for the show at Otherwise, they can bring what they have on the day of the event. It’s a way to spread the love of Christ.


The Xtreme Giving 4th annual Coat/Shoe Drive will be taking place on December 14th from 4PM-8PM. See you there!