By: Shenelle Wallace

Say what?? You heard right, he went there
As a new playwright, Julius Pearson went beyond the typical story lines to penetrate the minds of many. His first stage play entitled “Why Didn’t Jesus get married” stirred controversy based off its name, but after screening has gotten rave reviews.  So why would anyone dare to entertain the thought of Jesus being married? Read on to find out.

So Divine: Let’s start with the obvious. What a name! Why did you pursue that subject?     

Julius Pearson: All my years in church, all my years in bible school, all my years in Sunday school, that’s a topic that I never heard spoke on. I questioned in the beginning why God gave me such a topic. I didn’t understand why, I just did what he told me. People asked, ‘Why would you write something like this? Its blasphemy.’ All these different things that I heard, only because of the title; but you didn’t come out to see the play and you’re making judgments.  I am not trying to answer the question biblically of ‘Why Didn’t Jesus Get Married?’ The stage play is for our relationships and how we choose our mates. This is a scenario of what could happen if Gods counsel is not sought for a mate.

So Divine: What made you decide to continue with the show even after all of the criticism?

Julius Pearson: What started out as an entity now has become a ministry, because of all the testimony’s that came back from the people who have seen the play. Some people have seen it like three to four to five times. When I hear young people come back and say “Thank you”, that gives me the push and the zeal to keep moving forward. I had a lot of young brothers come out [to see the show] and one of them really left an impression on me. He said the play has given him a new outlook [on marriage].  He said I don’t even go to church, but the next woman I get involved with, I’m going to seek God’s counsel to make sure that she’s the right mate. So with that, I went through the oppositions and adversities. It just came to distract and discourage me, but I made up in my mind to keep moving forward.

So Divine: Were you nervous about running the show for the first time?  What were your expectations?

Julius Pearson: I expected a packed house. But God said don’t lose focus on what you’re doing.  Don’t lose focus on what this play is doing for people’s lives.  Don’t get caught up in the number of people in the seats.  So he brought me back.

So Divine: What have you learned as a married man, how has it helped you to become a better person?

Julius Pearson: I think I made a good choice in waiting [to get married]. It made me trust, and I learned to communicate better.  I trust God that she’s gonna do the right thing, and she trusts God that I’m going to do the right thing.  Some [married] people hate to go home because it’s not a peaceful place. I’m the opposite. I rush to come home. I know that your family and your home is your first ministry.

So Divine: How has your upbringing shaped your relationship with God?

Julius Pearson: You may know of God, but not have any personal relationship with him. I believe what the word says, train up a child in the way that he should go. As we get older, sometimes we take advantage because we know he’s merciful.  But we’ll always have the truth to turn back to. So it’s that foundation. It’s those chapters that my grandmother made me memorize when I was a kid, I had to memorize the whole entire chapter, that kept me.

So Divine: You know that’s funny because my father made us do the exact same thing! We had to memorize entire chapters of select Psalms that he would pick out for us to know; and if he said to learn it in a week, we had to learn it in a week. The whole chapter, not just a verse (laughs).  So it’s funny, but it worked! (Laughs)

Julius Pearson: But now I thank God for that. You don’t understand it as a child; a child is like “Why I gotta learn that?” My Grandmother is no longer here, but the teachings that she gave me is still here.

So Divine: Any new projects in the works?

Julius Pearson: Yes, I have a few  things I’m working on, but I’m trying not to spread myself thin by having too much going on, I want to focus on one thing and get this  [play] where it should be.

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