By: K-Lyric (June 2011)

Finding strength sometimes may not be easy when we are facing a bad situation, but when you seek God He will pull you in.

Life can be like a rollercoaster ride. It goes up, it goes down and does these crazy twists and turns that have you feeling on the edge. I’ve learned that no matter what, in every negative you shall see a positive.

The reason of knowing why we are going through what we may be going through may not always occur right when we want it to, but the sun will always rise above the cloud, for the battle is not yours it’s the Lords. Stay in encouraged and allow the lord to guide your footsteps down the right path.

I speak from experience because I know in my lifetime I’ve had many moments where I would just break down and surrendered my pain to Him. I had to be still, letting go of the troubles that haunted me.

My goal was to find the inner strength that lied within. God was asking me to speak, but I had to be ready. Some people ask how do I find the inner strength within me? It’s simple allow yourself to pour your heart out to God and pray. Prayer is the key to open any closed door.

When you’re feeling discouraged with nowhere to go or no one to turn to refer to, the Word of God is all one needs. A healing is waiting to be received.

Psalm 138 1:3 “With all my heart I praise you, Lord in the presence of angels I worship at your holy temple and praise you for your love and faithfulness. You were true to your word and made yourself more famous then ever before. When I asked for your help you answered my prayer and gave me courage”.

A lot of the times we don’t want to face our problems head on. We rather put one foot forwarded in front of the other and walk away. The same way we go to school to learn and take test at the end of every chapter we cover is the same way life works only God is our instructor. Each year is another chapter to our life and every year we get tested.

God allows many tests. We can get promoted in life for all of our achievements, but don’t forget to thank Him. One who is greedy shall then receive an empty plate of nothing. Nothing is not fulfilling and will not digest well. Make sure you to chew carefully and don’t just swallow every blessing.

I know sometimes it may be hard to trust in God when you feel like your life keeps going wrong, but God doesn’t fail us. We fail ourselves when we stray away from His being. I can’t express how true that is, however it’s true. Numerous times have I strayed away from Him focusing on my blessings, and forgetting to acknowledge He who has gave me grace.

I was tested and obstacles were put in my way. In order for me to over come those obstacles, accepting Christ into my life would be the first step to finding peace in the midst of the storm.

I remember a situation where I was at my wits end and did not know what I was going to do or how I was going to go about doing it. I even caught myself questioning God about what was going on. I was finding it very hard to talk to Him because I could not understand why I was going through what I was going through.

I had to really take time reevaluate the situation at hand and myself to understand the dilemma I was in. It was not God who failed me, but it was I who forgot to acknowledge the blessings that I had and I allowed myself to seem unappreciated and that is when I had to be tested to see if I really wanted what I set myself out for.

I knew that by my actions toward things it’s what caused my life to take a set back. I went to Him when I was in need of healing. Once my pray was answered I found myself drifting away from Him. It hit me that we can not only acknowledge Him when things are bad or we need healing, but we must acknowledge His presence at all times.

The relationship one has with God is not a sometime relationship. Once you give yourself to the lord and ask for His forgiveness you shall have an open relationship with Him at all times. You can’t only go to Him when things are bad because it then seems selfish on your part. You must acknowledge His presence at all times.

Although we are facing tough times and we may start to blame God for our actions. We have to understand the key word “reevaluating”. Tracing back our footsteps allowing us to understand the point where standing at. Don’t give up on God when you’re facing a storm. The storm shall pass and fade. God’s love will always remain.

Always remember storms will Passover. Don’t let the darkness from the clouds take away your good spirits. Sunshine is always ahead. Don’t feel like you have to run away from your problems.

Stop dressing up your problems and learn to address your problems. Lay down the clothes that cover you. Lay them down at the foot of Jesus and He will use it as His red carpet to walk down. He will receive you as you are. When praises go up blesses come down. Keep the praises going even after the storm.