I’ve learned a long time ago not to wish I had the lives of other people. Appearances are just that, and it isn’t always what actually is. Before I learned this lesson however, my bones screamed with fury because I was overlooked by the one I frivolously tried to please the most. I swear when God was handing out blessings he looked at me and laughed. Smirking to see how long I could hold up. No gold stars, not even for good behavior.

But when did everyone else become so spiritual? I’ve been on the Jesus bandwagon for years now and its only recently that everyone else is catching up. The only difference is, God has favored them and seems to have forgotten about me. I promise you if I were taught better perhaps I would understand. But my idea of giving up lifestyle A for lifestyle C, definitely had to have something in it for me. 

Looking at the timelines of all my social media friends getting by just fine in life, careers, families and all, I can’t help but think, did I miss something? Apparently I did. But here is what I learned:

Living with the mindset of rewards for good behavior as a christian will quickly disappoint you. That was never what it was about.  And even though every one is arriving at their time, doesn’t mean my “time” should come now too. God isn’t partial on the blessings list so there is no need for me to be envious or impatient about getting mine. There are so many other things my focus should/could be on than watching other people live. The bigger picture is, that  a surrendered life to God is about me and him. If my focus is consistently on that, I would be too busy being thankful for my own blessings to count those of any others.

Written by: Marie