Now more than ever, is the time to pray. Especially since we’re locked in, and have the time to do so. Pray for you, pray for the world, pray for your family, pray for your health, pray about your fears. Whatever is in your heart, God wants you to tell Him. We’re all experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. Who better to tell or vent to than your heavenly father?


You’ll be surprised at how your feelings authentically comes out once you begin to write. Journaling can be therapeutic and many use it to bare their soul. It’s just as effective as talking about it. Whether you’re currently alone or not, expressing yourself through writing is a good way to release emotions.


When was the last time you connected with that friend who’s been on your mind? Or a family member you haven’t spoken to in years? If there’s anything we have on our hands right now, it’s time. Life is unpredictable. This pandemic shows us that all too well. Reach out to loved ones near or far, and let them know that you care.


Life can be fast paced. Besides your 2 weeks vacations, chances are, you’ve been going and going. It’s ok to rest at this moment in time. Rest your body, your thoughts, and rest your mind.


Consume Yourself With Negative News

It’s great to be informed and to be in the know as to what our world is facing. However, constant negative news can cause panic anxiety and fear, all of which takes a toll on the mind and body. A good balance of information and something uplifting is key.


We’re quarantined and ordered to stay indoors. In public, it’s 6 feet apart. But we can still be social. It’s easy to find yourself by yourself and in turn isolate, especially if you’re going through the loss of a loved one. But we need each other. Connect through social media, e-mail, telephone etc. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Written by: Shenelle Wallace