By: Marie W.

 Looking through my mailbox one day, I saw that I received yet another promotional offer for a magazine subscription. The deal seemed reasonable so I figured I’d oblige. As I opened the mail, inside was a pamphlet with snippets of topics that each issue would contain, one of them being “What I Know for Sure.”  I read on to find 6 things Ms. O knew for sure, and being the thinker that I am, it prompted me to ask myself the same question. I was stumped.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have questions for days, needing to make sense of everything.  Who really knows anything for sure? The things we thought we knew change constantly. Life changes and so does our way of thinking.  So then what?  There has to be at least one thing that I’m certain of.  And so, I found it. God is faithful.

Through all of my tantrums, and doubts, God has remained faithful.  He’s been faithful when I asked for something and got it, whether I had to wait for it or not. He’s been faithful when I thought I wanted something, but showed me He had something much greater. He’s been faithful in allowing life situations to happen, showing me not only my strength, but His too.

Life is full of uncertainty. But what I know for sure is that God is faithful and that piece of information is solid enough for me. What do you know for sure? Feel free to share below!