Bri B1By: Shenelle Wallace

It only took 15 seconds of Instagram video time for thousands to realize that Briana’s gift was incredible. Bri Babineaux’s vocal print was left in the hearts of many after a friend shared a video of the songbird singing from her soul. The 20 year old Pastors kid and Louisiana native, went from being a college student, to signing a recording contract, and having a number one single on the billboard digital charts in just about 6 months. More than just a voice, Bri Babineaux’s worship is for real, and the anointing behind those pipes just cannot be denied.

Shenelle Wallace: They say that there is no such thing as an overnight success. But you seem to be a bit of an overnight success. Am I right? Is that true?

 Bri Babineaux: (Laughs) I guess you can say that. Yeah.

Shenelle Wallace: Tell me, how did all of this happen?

 Bri Babineaux: Last December around Christmas time, I was going through something major and I didn’t see my way out. A group of my friends got together and they were having a worship session, and they called me and invited me to come. I wasn’t going to go, but I ended up going because I needed to get away. So I went, and began to sing Make Me Over Again by Tonex. And I just began to release everything that I was dealing with. I just let it go. All my pain, my hurt, things that people couldn’t see I began to release it. And at that time, I made a vow to God and told Him the things that I needed Him to do for me in my life. While I was singing, my friend was recording. I didn’t even know he was recording me, and he posted the video on Facebook, and immediately it went viral.

Shenelle Wallace: How did you feel about the immense feedback from the video?

Bri Babineaux: It was mind blowing. Oh my God, to hear how that one video impacted and blessed so many people. I remember getting an inbox message from a young woman. She was about to commit suicide and someone tagged her in the video, and she listened to it and she changed her mind. And I thought oh my God this is crazy! I mean this was suicide. And to have someone change their mind, or even have hope from me singing about something that I was going through. It’s a blessing. It really is. And I give God all the praise because He has been the one who has been there with me through it all.

Shenelle Wallace: In the midst of everything, your videos being shared, and you gaining more and more popularity, did it hit you yet, that maybe you were on to something here?

 Bri Babineaux: No. My dad would say to me sometimes, “I don’t think you get it.” Sometimes I sit back and think, is this really happening? I’m really doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m really walking into the calling that God has for me. It’s crazy. Sometimes I don’t even believe it.

Shenelle Wallace: How did you get connected with your manager Marquis Boon?

 Bri Babineaux: One of his colleagues saw a video of me singing a song in the mall. It was a rendition of “Fill Me Up” by one of his artists, Casey J. Somehow they got the video clip and sent it to Marquis, and he looked at a few other videos that I had, and he and reached out to me.

Shenelle Wallace: When did you decide to give it a go with the music?

 Bri Babineaux: When I decided to sign on that line. It was a long process for me. I wanted to be in the will of God and I wanted to make sure that He was pleased with everything that I did. I always had to pray and let him lead me in the direction that he wanted me to go. And when I knew that this was the direction, I said ok God, I’m ready to do your will.

Shenelle Wallace: It seems like your past has somewhat prepared you for this. You’ve been singing for a long time in the church where your dad is the Pastor.

 Bri Babineaux: I was in my teens when my daddy became a Pastor. When you grow up in church, parents always get you involved. And I did it because I loved to sing.

Shenelle Wallace: A lot of people who were children of Pastors felt pressure from others. Was your experience the same?

Bri Babineaux: I had eyes on me yeah, but it wasn’t hard. I knew how I was supposed to conduct myself and how to act. It was normal for me. It made me very careful and cautious because I had young girls looking up to me.

Shenelle Wallace: What have you learned about yourself so far on this journey?

Bri Babineaux: I’ve always been the one to lack confidence in myself and doubt that I can do certain things or that I was even good enough to do certain things. And through this whole journey, I began to see myself grow and gain that confidence, and do what I need to do to fulfill God’s purpose in my life. My dad said to me that I wasn’t scared of anything and that I wasn’t afraid of any challenge. And that’s true. I might not be confident that I can do it, but I won’t be afraid to attempt to try it. Sometimes I’m so quick to call on my dad to pray for me, but I’m learning how to do it on my own. And I’m learning that in this next step of my life that I’m going to have to call on God for myself and he’ll be right there to answer me. I’m excited about growing into the woman that I’m supposed to be.

Shenelle Wallace: You lacking confidence? Really? I could never tell!

Bri Babineaux: I’m Serious! I surprise myself sometimes. I’ll be in the studio and they’ll play back a clip, and I’m like That’s me? I did that?

Shenelle Wallace: To us from the outside looking in, it seems like you were born to do this. You sing with so much passion and conviction. Where does that come from?

Bri Babineaux: I’ve been through things. God has always brought me out of things. At times, the enemy will set traps and use different devices to trip you up. And every single time, it never fails; God has delivered me, from all of it. And I’m just so grateful. I’m sincere about what I’m singing. It’s not just me singing pretty words. It’s coming from my heart. I refer to singing as my prayer. This is how I pray to God. I live these words that I sing.

Shenelle Wallace: Tell us about your single, “I’ll be the one.” How did that song come about? Is that your personal testimony?

Bri Babineaux: It is! Actually, I’ll Be The One wasn’t even supposed to be the first single. It was supposed to be “Holy Spirit.” One night my manager sent me a song, and I listened to it. And girl, when I played that song, I started jumping up and down and I said this is it! It just spoke to me on different levels!

Shenelle Wallace: Things are happening pretty quickly for you. You’re already #1 on the Billboard Christian digital charts, soon you’ll be sharing the stage with Marvin Sapp, and you’re also scheduled to perform on BET’s Bobby Jones’ Gospel. How do you stay grounded?

Bri Babineaux: Praying. Through prayer and constantly have my parents praying with me and for me. I have to have some kind purpose and guidance. Dedicating my life to God keeps me on the right track.

Shenelle Wallace: When can we expect the next single and album to be released?

Bri Babineaux: The next single “Holy Spirit” is being released July 17th, and the album will be dropping this fall.

Shenelle Wallace: What’s something that the fans don’t know about you?

Bri Babineaux: That I’m a tom boy. I like to play sports, and I ran track in college. (Laughs) I was an athlete.

Shenelle Wallace: Did you always aspire to become a singer?

Bri Babineaux: No, this was not on the agenda. I always wanted to be a Lawyer.

Shenelle Wallace: They say God has a sense of humor right? If you want to see him laugh, tell him your plans.

Bri Babineaux: Yeesss! Yes! (Laughs)


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