By: Lady M.

It’s show time. Just a few more minutes and they will be calling my name. I was asked to sing at church and I reluctantly accepted. Now, I have to get up out of my seat where no one even notices me and sing in front of all these people. I feel it coming on. The same feeling I always get when I have to do this; my throat tightening, my mouth getting dry, my palms profusely sweating, my heart racing. What was I thinking? Even though I prepared in advance I regretted ever agreeing to do this. Never again!

It took about 15 years of having this same feeling over and over again before I actually grasped what exactly was going on here.  It wasn’t harmless nerves. It wasn’t me being shy, it was Fear. Fear gripped my body every time I was asked to use a talent whether at church or at another function and it made me hate that I had that gift, rather than recognize the fear, dismiss it and tap into all that God has given me.   “If you had no fear what would you do?”  a preacher  asked his congregation. The possibilities would be endless.

Maybe your fear isn’t one of performing in front of a crowd. It could be fear of failing, fear of people’s opinion, a fear of not wanting to be viewed as you thinking you’re better than the next, so you try to play small, or it could be a fear of becoming the great person that you are called to be. Whatever the case, fear is not of God. Period. Scripture says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, of power, and a sound mind.” Its purpose is to keep you from moving forward in any and every stage of life. In my own struggle with fear, after I recognized it, I determined that I wasn’t going to accept it taking over. Fear was not going to be in charge me.

God wouldn’t have given you the talents that you do have if He knew you didn’t have the power and potential to do something great with it.  Philippians 4:13 tells us “I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.” We all have that power and potential. Realize who you are in Christ (1Peter 2:9), know the great things you are capable of and make up your mind to be fearless.