Shenelle Wallace

For every question I’ve ever had, I wish there was an answer. From the big, to the small, I want to know it all. Why are apples red? Why is the sky blue? And why do faithful Christians die in tragic ways such as a plane crash?

Just a few days ago I heard of the tragic passing of a great in the Christian community. Internationally renowned author, speaker and founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries, Dr. Myles Munroe, along with 8 others including his wife, were all killed in a plane crash. To say I was shocked by his sudden death is an understatement.

Denial, disbelief and questions for days flooded my mind. He wasn’t supposed to go like that! And why? I have had so many questions about so many different things, past and present. Unfortunate events that has happened, why me? Opportunities gone to others, why not to me? Unexplainable circumstances, did I do something wrong? We tend to draw conclusions to make sense of things, and to even make ourselves feel better about a particular happening. And that’s ok. However, I am still waiting on these divine answers that I desperately need from God so I can move on. But just days ago, as I pondered this loss, it hit me. Some things, I will not get an explanation for.

I have come to the understanding that a few questions in this life will just not be answered. That is something I am learning to be ok with. The sooner I give it to God, even without and explanation, the sooner I can rest.

Although I did not know Myles Munroe personally, his ministry and teachings have greatly impacted my life. As the old hymn puts it, “we’ll understand it all by and by.”