By: Marie W. 

I’ve been to parties. Quite a few (haven’t you?). But I’m saved (please, hear me out). I didn’t go to “wild out” or to “have fun.” Truthfully speaking, I went to celebrate whatever event at that time called for a celebration (it’s not an excuse, it just honest). At first, I felt a tad of guilt, but convinced myself that it was harmless because I wasn’t acting crazy. After a while I found myself thinking why I am here? And then I got that feeling that I didn’t belong there. Still I didn’t know if it was necessarily wrong.

When it comes to labeling oneself a Christian, a lot of things are subjective. What’s allowed and what’s not allowed, what’s considered a sin, and what’s not that serious. In the faith of Christianity, the Bible is our blueprint for living. Although it does not necessarily spell out in plain english a list of things, it’s very clear. For example, the bible does not say ‘Thou shall not smoke’, but it does say that our bodies are temples and we should treat it as such (I Corinthians 6:19-20).  But let’s stick to the topic at hand.

Going out to the club is a debatable topic for those who called themselves saved indeed, and more so, for the unsaved folks who are silently watching.  This article is not to point the finger (because I would have to point it at myself first), nor is it to pass judgment. But it’s written rather, to provoke thought. So in being honest with ourselves, as representatives of Christ, is it okay to get out every now and then to “party like a rock-star” and “drop it like it’s hot?” What if it’s my best friend’s (who is unsaved by the way) birthday?!!! (We do have unsaved friends don’t we?) WWJD?