The hospital gown itched against my back. “The doctor will be  with you shortly”, the nurse said politely. But her voice sounded far away. And as the door clicked shut, and I stared at the instruments hanging on the wall around me, all I could think was…what if everything wasn’t ok? What if the tests didn’t come back normal? I felt scared. I felt alone. I felt like I needed God. I had come to the ER because of aches, and they had suddenly sent me to the part of the hospital, for X-rays, and tests. But as I lay on the table, and waited on the doctor to come back, I suddenly found myself, realizing one important thing; There’s more to life than being single.

The room was cold, and as I lay in that hospital gown fearing the worst and praying against it, It suddenly dropped in my spirit. I couldn’t care less about being single. There’s so much I haven’t done yet. From books I have yet to write, to dreams I have yet to accomplish, to people I have yet to SERVE and minister to, and with every tick of the clock in the background, I felt myself realizing there’s so much more to life than being single.

Now thankfully, the doctors came in, Said my tests were fine, and prescribed the necessary treatment. But sis, last month’s experience really caused me to reflect on this one thing. How many of us as single women are wasting time we can never get back? Moping about singleness, texting our friends about a man, feeling bad about some man who doesn’t want us, or worrying about WHEN our time will come to get married? See, here’s the truth: When you’re being threatened with losing your HEALTH, or losing your life, suddenly all of that stuff seems pointless, like really pointless. It just doesn’t matter. 

Can we have a transparent moment for a minute? How often have you felt sorry for yourself this week, this month, TODAY. Wasting hour upon hour, crying or complaining to ANYONE who will listen about your single season? If you’re anything like I was, maybe you’ve done it…a LOT. But sis, here’s the truth, if the doctor told YOU, you had 7 days to live, or even 6 months to live, getting married would be the LAST thing on your mind. Now, would you wish it would have happened? Maybe. But I can almost promise you, as I reflect on my own hospital experience, that you’ll be a lot more concerned, about the things you want to accomplish, the people you love, and wanting to leave a MARK on this earth for God, versus JUST getting a ring.

See society has glamorized getting married so much that if we’re not careful we’ll start to think our life will have MEANING, or MORE MEANING when we’re married. But as I sat in the hospital gown, and waited for my test results, I felt God’s voice prompting me, and leading me to share this message.

Sis, Your life has MEANING NOW, without the ring, without the title, exactly as you are. Single, alone, and seemingly overlooked. Your life has meaning NOW. With that being said sis, I want to gently encourage you to learn from my hospital experience, and STOP. WASTING. TIME. know it seems like you have FOREVER, to write that book, start that ministry, launch that business, or finish school. But the truth is you don’t. Ecclesiastes 1:2 says,

“Life is fleeting, like a passing mist.

        It is like trying to catch hold of a breath”

What does that mean sis? It means you don’t have forever sis, to shift into gear, to get your focus off of some man that’s moved on, or to get your focus off of someone, who’s not giving you the time of day. With that being said, I pray God uses this post today, to cause you to SHIFT. Shift away from meaningless relationships. SHIFT away from wasted time, and SHIFT into seeking him like never before, for your purpose, your calling, and the determination, to do that thing, he’s called you to do, and break free from everything holding you back.

In Closing Sis I pray this blog inspired you, and motivated you, to SHIFT your focus in singleness. If it has, I encourage you to leave your thoughts below. Also if you feel inspired, you’re ready for a change, and you’re ready to do something different, so that you CAN stop focusing on singleness, and truly start living your best life now.

Praying you’ve fall deeper in love with Jesus,


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