By: A. Williams

So we come to Jacob; the final piece to the blessings God has bestowed upon us.  Jacob was the third link in God’s plan for the nation of His people.  Jacob was a stubborn man who lusted for the blessings.  He would get blessed shrewdly or by force, but one way or the other, he was going to be blessed.

Jacob thought he was in control of his own life and that he could manipulate his own destiny.  Jacob was a clever man.  He cheated his own brother, deceived his own father and set in motion a plan to relieve his Uncle from all his possessions.   As a result of this arrogant way of thinking, everything Jacob set in his hand went wrong, even from birth. It was God’s plan that Jacob should rule. When Jacob discovered that and recognized the importance of God’s plan, Jacob wanted to make sure by his own strength that God’s plan was accomplished.

Next, Jacob was forced to flee from his home and during his flight God appeared to him.  He dared to wrestle with God, insisting that God bless him.  God touched him and he became lame.  Jacob realized his dependence on the God who had continued to bless him.  His relationship to God became essential to his life consequently changing his name to Israel, prince of God.

God will wrestle with us, not because we can beat Him, but because He loves to be with His people.   We must learn to accept discipline by God and rely on God for help and not our own resources.

Jacob had his natural strength undone and through that experience he learned trust God and not rely on his own understanding.   Before Jacob was born God promised that His plan would be worked out through Jacob.  As you can see, God’s plan always has a way of coming to fruition.  Thankfully we can take great encouragement from the fact that our God calls Himself the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We are so like them. He will be our God too.