By: So Divine

Meet James Mackey! An enthusiastic young man who is driven to show the world that this generation is far greater than they perceive us to be. James Mackey had a vision to start a movement for Christ. Taking action toward his vision, he presents to you “The GLOW Conference.”

So Divine: What is the GLOW Movement?

James Mackey: The GLOW movement is the mobilization of this generation raising up the next generation of community leaders, who will live above the influence and be leaders in the midst of followers. We’re the remnant that’s going to really break the false perception that the pop culture has of this generation. We’re going to show youth and young adults all throughout the country that we don’t have to be sucked into the messages that a lot of media outlets and avenues put out concerning us. We’re into breaking stereo types and being the generation that God has called us to be.

So Divine: Why is this conference something that we don’t want to miss?

James Mackey: We have some phenomenal artists on board and influential key speakers. It’s a free atmosphere and people can come in the way they are. But I promise you, they’re not going to leave the way they’ve come. It’s going to be extremely energetic. Our goal is to once again, break the false perception that this generation has of church, God, and ministry. Like church is boring. When they think of lighting and music production they think of a Chris Brown concert, or an Usher concert, or some form of a concert that the secular world is doing. We want them to know that we serve the creator of creativity, the creator of lighting, and music production.  He created all of that and we’re going to use it to His glory.

So Divine: What stirred this vision in your heart?

James Mackey: Well the plan of action is this: The GLOW movement is a faith based initiative to recruit students, youth and young adults all throughout the state of New York, for community service, to enhance their resume for college scholarships and career opportunity. In doing so, we are uniting the body of Christ as a whole, and we’re infiltrating school districts, and bringing every aspect of our local communities together. We are uniting and igniting the body in our community as a whole. We want to show this generation that there are people in influential positions, in the culture and in the arts, who are saved, and who are glowing in their secular arenas.

So Divine: You put together an incredible line-up…

James Mackey: Oh it’s going to be crazy!

So Divine: I’m sure! What did you see in each of these artists why you chose them specifically for the conference?

James Mackey: I would have to say that all the artists have a heart for the sound of heaven. The global sound. That’s the sound that reaches past cultural barriers. It reaches out of the church. A sound that’s not churchy, but is very universal. If we’re saying our focus is geared towards the harvest, then we have to be strategic about who we bring on board. Everyone that we brought on board has a heart for the harvest, and has seen themselves in the vision. They’re not coming just to get. They’re coming because they saw the vision and they wanted to be a part of reaching the harvest.

So Divine: What do you feel this generation is missing or seeking that they have yet to find?

James Mackey: We know that this generation needs to be rescued. Jesus died on the cross to save the world. But for those of us who haven’t accepted him, it’s like an admission to get to the movies but you just haven’t received it yet. So until you receive it you’re not getting in. There are two things in order for this generation to be rescued and restored. Number one, they need to be reached. Number two, they need to be drawn. In terms of them being reached, that has nothing to do with swag, style, dress, language, lingo, music; it has nothing to do with that. The only thing that has ever reached the harvest was unconditional love. In order for them to be drawn, that’s not our job. Jesus said if I be lifted up from the earth I will draw men unto me. And then He said no one can come to my father unless he is drawn. From the day we have been born on this earth the father has been drawing us. But because we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity we could not see it. So it had to take someone along the line, a family member, a mom, a dad, a grandmother, to remove that smokescreen of distraction so that we could see the father drawing us. That’s what this conference is about. And we’re dressing down. We’re not dressing up like we’re going to see the Queen of England or like we’re going to the prom. God doesn’t want your clothes he wants your soul. We want to get all of that out the way so that they can see God clearly.

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