FLWSIf you haven’t been watching The First Lady Web Series you are seriously missing out! I promise this show will leave you at the edge of your seat during and after each episode. The First Lady Web series presents an extremely complex dilemma, one that’s almost unheard of. While viewers are anticipating what will happen next, you tend to question yourself as to what you would do in such a situation. Terri Adofo writer and producer, gives us a peek into the concept behind the series.

So Divine: What made you decide to write the First Lady Web series?

Terri Adofo:  I decided to write this series for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted to shed light on the pressures that leaders in the church face. Being a PK all my life I’ve observed first-hand the struggle that a Pastor has maintaining the balance between matters of his personal life and matters of his ministry. I’ve also seen it from the First Lady’s perspective because she has to hold his hand up through it all and be strong when he’s not.  I also wrote this to create good and clean TV for Christians.  I’ve heard statements from Christians that although they like shows like Scandal, Power, and the like, it makes them feel convicted when they watch them.  Lastly, although known as a gospel recording artist, I am an actress first and I caught the acting bug after focusing on my music for quite some time.  This resulting in me creating my on series to pave my own way back into the world of acting.


So Divine: What does the series bring that you feel isn’t portrayed in Christian entertainment?

Terri Adofo:  Truth and conclusions.  I feel like often times in SOME Christian entertainment there contains many church clichés but no life changing situations.  The truth is you don’t always feel praying. You don’t always feel like going to church service.  Sometimes temptation is great, and your past may come back to haunt you, but you can overcome.  It’s not always on overnight thing, it’s a process.  Christians struggle with the same things, if not more than non-Christians struggle with but we should handle it differently because God has already written our outcome. We win! Christian entertainment needs more realism and conclusions and less clichés and buffoonery. Disclaimer…buffoonery is some cases.


So Divine: The situation that the pastor and first lady are facing is really tough. Why is it important to portray such complex experiences on screen?

Terri Adofo:  It was important for me to portray such a situation because I wanted to indirectly say that our leaders are regular people too, just held in high regards. They face obstacles as well.  They face even bigger demons that the regular “church goer” due to their titles.


So Divine: How do you feel about current Christian Shows on television?

Terri Adofo:  I’m not privy to too many Christian TV shows as my time is so limited, but I give respect and praise to anyone who is doing it for the Kingdom. I know the Kendrick brothers are doing wonders in the film world with their Christian movies like the War Room and I pray I can work with them one day.


So Divine:What can we look forward to in upcoming episodes?

Terri Adofo:  You can look forward to more humor, mystery, realism, and DRAMA!!!


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