Just yesterday I asked my husband how can he tell when he hears lies from the enemy (the devil himself). His answer made perfect sense and confirmed that it is a way he does speak to us.

So, I began to explain what I had been going through lately and how the enemy has been trying to mentally torture me with crazy thoughts. He shook his head and said, “Yep. That’s exactly what he does.” I breathed a sigh of relief because before talking to my husband, I prayed and asked the Lord to remove crazy thoughts that were trying to be planted in my mind. I knew they couldn’t be coming from God because they left me feeling overwhelmingly discouraged and worthless. And I know God doesn’t speak to us that way.

One of the things my husband shared with me was how his lies always make you feel uneasy. They will always make you question the very thing that God just recently spoke to you about. All because he doesn’t want you to believe a word God says. He wants you to believe him instead. But, like scripture says, he is the father of lies ( John 8:44).

To be transparent, I seemed to always hear his lying whispers about my self-worth. And they always came at a time when I was vulnerable enough to believe or accept it. Maybe I had just lost my job, came out of a bad relationship, got another rejection letter in the mail. Right after something would happen, there the enemy was. Feeding my nonsense to my brain. You know, he’ll feed it to you so well that it’ll actually convince you to believe him. And it’s not all about self-worth either. That goes along with making you believe something is wrong with your body too, when a doctor has not even given you a diagnosis. “That bump you’re feeling is cancer” or “You have a tumor in your brain, that’s why you’re forgetting everything.” He will run you ragged and make you feel like you have lost your mind!

He would always tell me I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, wouldn’t amount to anything, was lonely and always would be, too skinny, too insensitive to keep a lasting friendship relationship, too mean, stupid and just recently, “wasting my time” and “not worth it.” I knew it was the enemy planting those thoughts in my mind because I had other people uplift me in those areas. But, his big head was right there trying to discourage me immediately after I’d receive a word of exhortation. Well, that is exactly what he does. He wants to steal your joy and exchange it for fear and stress.

People don’t realize this, but we are literally dealing with a battlefield of the mind every single day. You see, that’s what the enemy does. He shoots straight to our heads first because he probably figures if I can get inside their mind, I can make them believe anything. And if you believe it, you act like it and then his lies become a truth in your life. Oh, but I’m here to tell you today that you don’t have to believe a single word he whispers. Don’t believe the lies.

How does God speak to you? Remember, there is no condemnation in God (Romans 8:1). It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, God is not going to ever discourage you. He’s here to encourage you to be better! He won’t say, “You’re worthless.” Instead, he’ll say,”You’re priceless” (Proverbs 31:10). He won’t say,”you’re a disgrace and I made a mistake designing you.” Instead, he says, “You’re fearfully and wonderfully made in my own image! (Psalm 139:14)” He won’t say, “You’ll never amount to anything.” God says, “Before I formed and shaped you, I knew you and your purpose! (Jeremiah 1:5)” Today I encourage you to cast away those thoughts that try and penetrate your mind and cause you uneasiness in your spirit. Receive this word of encouragement today. The Lord delights in you, loves you, accepts you and is there for you. No matter what anyone says, whether it’s the enemy’s whispers or a person he uses to send his ugly words. Ignore them and rebuke them. Jesus loves you more than any lie the enemy will ever tell. So, don’t believe the lies!

Written By: Kennisha Hill

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