writing-notes-idea-conference-mediumThe 9 most valuable promises you’ll ever make have to be made right now.  It’s a new year and a new season, so let’s go for it…

I feel refreshed and excited about my goals and the projects I’m working on, so it’s a perfect time for me to move forward with great resolve.

Before I share my promises, I know that we live in a world that says promises are made to be broken.

No they are not.

When you keep your promise, it’s an act of love.

I want to challenge you to make some promises to yourself. The thing is, be sure to set the intention to keep them.

Here are mine:

I promise to shut up.

Sometimes I talk too much.

I need to listen and say, “I understand” more often. I’m not a therapist (nor am I a garbage dump), but being more understanding is really not a difficult thing to do.

I also promise to get up quickly after a fall; therefore, I promise to encourage myself.

We can’t always wait for others to encourage us, many times folk get sick of hearing us complain. (They’ll never tell us, it’s something they talk about on the hush).

That’s why you can’t complain a lot.

Instead of complaining, have a 15 minute pity-party and figure out a plan.

Sometimes you have to pull yourself up by your own boot straps.

You have to have personal power; the kind that gets you back up when friends are not around.

Note to Self: promise to dig deep and stop being a wimp. You’re stronger than you think.

Next, I promise to follow my gut.

I have always been very intuitive.
My problem is that sometimes I disregard my inner voice; I promise not to do that anymore.

I will trust the wisdom of my heart.

If my spirit says, “Talk to the lady in front of you,” while I’m in line at at Shoprite, I will. If my spirit says don’t take the highway (even though I know it’s the quickest route) I won’t take the highway.

By honoring that voice, things always turn out in my favor.

I also promise to handle only one problem at a time.  (Permission granted to slap when I forget this promise).

And I won’t stay down in the dumps magnifying my issues either. Mark Nepo said, “To be broken is not to see all things as broken.”

If you can press through the overwhelm, your victory is on the other side of heartache. (Lord please help me hold fast to this one too).

As my friend and mentor Les Brown always says “If you’re going through hell right now, don’t stop: keep moving.”

I also promise to respect leadership.

What I honestly mean is that I will not roll my eyes behind my husband’s back if he says something that I think is off the wall. I promise to simply remind myself that author John Gray is right: men really are from Mars.

I promise to breathe and speak softly if I’m upset. If I have to, I’ll whisper. (You can’t maintain anger and whisper at the same time).

I promise to stop silently competing with people by wishing I was in their shoes. We don’t need to compete; my truth is that there is more than enough for us all.

I promise to get out of bed early and let “Thank you” be the first thing I say.

I want to start my day with gratitude. I know that a spirit of gratitude opens doors to abundance, so I’ll start each day off right.

Lastly, I owe it to myself:  I promise to keep my promises.

Written By: Tonya Kerry

Tonya Kerry, Esq. is a Personal Power Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Author.  She’s committed to inspiring others and helping them transform in the personal arena.  Tonya relies on a healthy dose of humor about her own life and love mishaps to inspire others along their journey to personal power and amazing love relationships.