Tera Carissa Hodges is a powerhouse woman whose soul is set on fire by helping people to get free. Her tell it like it is approach has empowered audiences worldwide, through coaching, speaking, and community outreach. At a time where the world seems uncertain, Tera is certain of one thing: “We are not fearful, greater is coming, God has a plan.”

So Divine caught up with Tera for a quick chat for her perspective on how the world is evolving today:

You’ve spoken on many platforms across the country. What do you find most people are looking for?

Tera Carissa Hodges: Most people are seeking peace, hope, healing, clarity, security, and direction. We all go through ups and downs, because the thermometer is not in our control. That’s what people need help learning. It’s the art of trusting God while having the faith and courage to do what we can do to bring about our daily bread: peace, hope, healing, clarity, security, and direction for the day. That’s the key! What can I do today? You have to ask yourself that every day. 

When discussing purpose, you once said that purpose is seasonal. Most people can’t help but live looking to the future. How can we shift our mindset to focusing on purpose in the present?

Tera Carissa Hodges: Remember, you’ll never get to the promise in the future if you don’t go through the process of today. When you enroll in college, you’re given a projected graduation date. But, that date is contingent on you completing all necessary classes. You’re not going to graduate just because the date has come along. You’ve got to go through the process. So it is with purpose. Yes! You’ve got an ultimate purpose, but what is your seasonal purpose that helps build you and gets you ready? That’s how you focus. 

A lot of clergy members have attempted to discern and explain the times that we’re in. What is your theory on the year we’ve had so far?

Tera Carissa Hodges: I’m an end time believer for sure. While there are a few more things that must come to pass before it is the end, Jesus makes it clear in Matthew 24, we are in birthing pains that will lead to the end. One of the marks of the end of the world is a cashless society. We are more than half way there. As we speak, the world has the technology to go cashless, with the use of debit cards and credit cards. Now, because of the pandemic, many stores are refusing cash for health reasons or due to shortages. Some stores even have up signs that say if you don’t pay with the exact dollar amount, you can’t be given change. For believers who know God and know scripture, we are not fearful. We are judging ourselves daily, to make sure we are in right standing with God, remaining encouraged, and joyful that God has another plan beyond this current society we find ourselves in today. 

2020 has depleted a lot of people.  How can they trust God after experiencing such loss?

Tera Carissa Hodges: Your trust can’t be based on your feelings, but your commitment. The commitment to trust God goes beyond our agreeing with God or liking what God is doing. It has to be based on our decision to believe He has a plan, what we are seeing, feeling, and experiencing is not all there is, and greater is coming. 

You seem to enjoy what you do. Does it ever get exhausting? How do you stay filled up?

Tera Carissa Hodges: I LOVE my life, period (laughs). I wouldn’t trade it for nothing or with nobody. Does my work get exhausting? In the early days, before I learned boundaries, yes. Now, if I don’t feel like coaching, I don’t coach. If I can’t answer an e-mail, I can’t answer an e-mail. If I don’t feel like talking. I don’t feel like talking. I am not God. When you can’t reach me, you can still reach Him. And if your life is in danger of falling apart because you can’t talk to me, you’ve got bigger problems that have absolutely nothing to do with me. I am just a vessel. When I’m not available, seek the source. 

You are a woman on a mission. At what age did you accept this assignment on your life,  and why are you so faithful to your calling?

Tera Carissa Hodges: I’ve known I was called since my teens. I accepted it in 2006, in my 20s, and continued on with my licensing and ordination from there. I don’t know if I’ve ever been given the option to not be faithful to my life’s calling. For me, it’s me. It’s my passion. I don’t have to talk myself into it, study other people, or copy other people. Just like I’m a faithful chocolate lover (laughs)—it’s just a part of who I am, what I naturally like. So it is with my life, my call, my passion, my purpose, my ministry. 

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