pexels-photo-medium (2)Here we go again.  February 14th is approaching and the world feels the need to remind me that once again I’ll be alone.  Yes, I’m single, no I don’t need another comfort you article to remind me that I am. I promise I am not bitter. But what’s with all the cheer me up or ‘be your own Valentine’ talk? I wish people would understand that just because they feel that I am not ok as a single, doesn’t make it true.

This week, be prepared to be saturated with a myriad of relationship articles focusing on Valentine’s Day: Where to go with your beloved, what to get him or her, whether you should trip on the gift, and my most dreaded, its ok if you’re solo too.

Singles, who are ok being single until they find the right fit in a mate, are not always sitting at home sulking. A lot of us are keeping busy with careers, education, becoming a better person, and all sorts of other elevating things. Some wouldn’t even realize its V-Day until bombarded with the many entities associated with it. And even then, maybe a quick thought on “One Day” and then keep it moving. No Sorrow, no sadness, no woe is me, no tears.

I won’t suggest a ‘things to do’, because who says you don’t already have something to do? So to all the ladies and gents single and focused, hats off to you. No chin up, because it’s already there. No mention of ‘it’s coming’, you already know that. Just a friendly smile. You get it. I get. We get it. And  that’s all that matters. Enough said.


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