July 2010


A hot lady named Summer has knocked on your door and you have no choice but to open it!  ­It’s that time again to put together your summer wardrobe and guess what the best part is? Many of the trends from 2009 are still going strong for 2010.  Consider this great news in a time where the economy has yet to be restored to its prosperous days and dispensable income is limited.   Rest assured.  Just because your income may be limited doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be.  Try to incorporate the following three trends into your wardrobe this summer and you should be just fine.

1.  Neutrals.  Have a beige dress? Taupe blouse? Tan skirt?  Pair these with brown shoes or a feminine white top and you’ll be ready to go.   There is a shade of neutral that can compliment any skin tone.  Remember to keep it clean and simple with classic silhouettes to create a timeless look.

(A/X) DKNYC   Calvin Klein

Banana Republic

Can be found at Armani Exchange, Banana Republic & Macy’s

2.  Floral.  Not the floral on your grandmother’s couch!  Think more of like a rose garden or cherry blossoms.  When wearing floral keep in mind that the colors should pop and be vibrant.  Always pair floral printed clothing with solids to balance the look.

JonesNY   RL   Spense   Jones NY

Can all be found at Macy’s

3.   White.  The little white dress will be replacing the little black dress this summer.   Wear it to an all white affair or just to shoot the breeze on the weekend after church.  Pair it with a colored shoe or bag for a pop of color or keep it classic with black accessories.

(A/X)  (Charter Club)   Tahari

Can be found at Armani Exchange & Macy’s.

Plaid is on the decline so get your last wears out this summer and put them away for years to come.  Every trend is recycled and will eventually return.  Also stay away from wide leg pants.  Choose a tapered, straight or skinny cut, which are always more flattering to the body. Pair with a feminine blouse to complete the look.

Banana Republic

Remember that the most important trend is to know your body and dress accordingly!  Clothes that make you look good will always make you feel good too.

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