I remember the days when the church was highly respected. If anyone claimed to be a Christian it would be admirable. Whenever a preacher walked by folks would straighten up, nod in reverence, or even say “Good Morning.” Attending church would be a big deal because you would be entering into the presence of a Holy God. Today, when you say you are a Christian you get a “Yeah right” and people are ready to point out all your flaws. When preachers walk by they are sometimes mocked or scoffed at. When going to Church, people question if God is even there at all.  The church to many has become a bit of a joke. The masses have little respect for it much less take it seriously.  I don’t know when we lost it, or even how, but we need to get it back.

Of course someone rejecting your proclamation as a Christian does not mean it’s not validated, just like scoffing at a preacher does not make him any less a man of God, and doubting that God is in the house does not mean that he isn’t there (Matthew 18:20). But the reverence that once was, is no more, and that’s a problem.

Matthew 5:13 reads:  “You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?” Salt is an essential mineral, and also acts as a preservative, to keep things from going bad.  It adds flavor and it also creates thirst. Jesus used that metaphor as an example of what we should exude as Christians. People should thirst for the joy, peace, and fruitful lives that we have in Christ.  They should view having a relationship with God as a necessity in their life and not just an option.

The second half of that verse asks the question what is salt good for if it has lost its flavor? The very purpose that it serves. Nothing.

The then question arises how have we lost our flavor? Salt loses its flavor by being diluted, mixed or contaminated. Since we are Christians, assuring that this does not happen starts with us.

We have a huge responsibility to be the salt of society, preserving to prevent moral and spiritual decay, adding taste so that we can lead others to Christ, giving meaning where there is no meaning, and hope where there is no hope. Let’s all start creating a great deal of thirst today.

Written By: Shenelle Wallace