As far as I can remember, Sunday mornings were always set aside for church. But if I ever woke up as a kid, forgetting what day it was, hearing the theme song “Evidence” would quickly remind me. My father watched Pastor Frederick K.C. Price religiously every Sunday morning, to the point where the song became my alarm clock. Today, Pastor Price has moved on from this life into the next, that is eternal life.

As the founder and Pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center, and the Ever Increasing Faith broadcasting, Apostle Price taught on faith, wealth, and race, unapologetically empowering people, specifically that of the African American community. His messages were before their time and are ever so relevant to this very day.  His powerful declaration “For we walk by faith not by sight!” at the end of each broadcast, was theme for his life here on earth.

News of Apostle Price’s COVID sickness broke after Bishop T.D. Jakes called for a worldwide prayer through instagram, on his behalf. But as Jesus once said to the Father, “Nevertheless not my will, but yours be done.” Taking his last breath at 89 years old, Apostle Price was deeply respected, incredibly loved, and will undoubtedly be missed. A job well done; rest in eternal glory.