ixed-chickHow can I dance in the rain when my heart is in so much pain? How can I give Him praise when bills are piling up each and every day? How can I laugh another day when the ones I’ve loved turned their backs and worst of all, betrayed me? How?! How can I go through “hell” and still lift up my voice and sing? How?! How can I  go through “hell” and still give Him praise?Wait, Lord let me get my mind straight. Let me get my mind right. Let me pay these bills, get a better job, finish this song. Then we can find time to sit and talk about everything else… alright?

At a point in time, I often asked myself these questions, demanding answers from God. I would indirectly say that I was too distracted to focus on just Him. You see, I was waiting for something great to happen, which would’ve taken the glory for my happiness. But that’s just it. Happiness only comes due to something that happens, which makes it temporary. But joy… complete joy comes from God above. Many times, we like to wait for the miracle before we give God the praise that He deserves, but what we fail to understand is that the miracle is in the PRAISE! Joy is in the PRAISE. Peace is in the PRAISE. Restoration is in the PRAISE.

Yup… I said it! It’s in the PRAISE!

You see, I had to go through certain things to understand the POWER of praise. I had to know what it felt  like to be rejected, deserted and cast away, just to realize that my Savior lives within me.

When I clap my hands and raise my voice, I no longer am concerned about the troubles I face because I know  for sure that come what may, He has already conquered the world. So even through the storm, I can still dance in the rain. I can still laugh with joy with a heart filled with praise. Even in a hurricane I can rest in faith. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s easier said. But step by step, day by day, if you intentionally position your mind and intentionally position your heart to be set on Him, He will instruct you and lead the way.

I would like to encourage someone reading this article: Hold on and make praising God a life style. It’s not about how you feel, nor will it every be. . Praise Him during difficulties. Praise Him when things are going well.  Praise Him when things are going right and when they are going wrong.


Written By: Naa-Adjeley