Pass me notBy: Tonya Kerry (February 2011)

Perhaps God has forgotten I exist.Sure I want to be successful, but the truth is I’m feeling sad and like a failure.Everybody else is getting his or her blessing, but mine?It keeps passing me by.Will my time ever come?

If you have ever said these words, don’t give up!The secret to shaking off those “bluesy” feelings is right in your feet.That’s right.It’s in your feet.Any time I have ever felt as if God had forgotten me, I was not moving in the direction of dreams.In fact, I was not doing anything at all.One thing I know for sure, faith without works is dead (James 2:17).

It’s time to take action.Move your feet and do something.Don’t ask God to order your steps if you are not willing to move your feet.God does not drop blessings on idle people.Bishop TD Jakes preached about the danger of doing nothing.Take action.Even if you have to fix it later, do something towards your dream.Even if you fail, failure is not final; it is an opportunity to fix things.

Here are tips you can implement today:

Set Your Mind

Set your mind that you are getting your blessing.You can set your mind by watching what you put into it.Start the first 30 minutes of your day with something positive.Change the annoying alarm clock by programming it with a positive message.Wake up and get grateful.Say, “Thank you Lord,” out loud for something, even if it’s for your toes.

Get to Work

Stop wasting time.The Quakers say, “Hands to work; hearts to God.”Do something towards your dream every day.Not some days, not most days, every day.If you want change, you must change.God is not passing you by:He never has and never will.You and I let opportunities pass by.We are waiting for God, but God is waiting for us.

George Bernard Shaw said, “The people who get on in this life look for the circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them they make ‘em.” Jesus took action and fed 5,000.Moses took action, stretched out his staff, and parted the Red Sea.Gideon took action, blew the trumpet, and the walls came tumbling down.God blesses action.

So get to work.Make that phone call, work on your book, go and see that person.You want big blessings in 2011?Make some big changes.Stop passing on the things the Holy Spirit guides you to do.Ask God to bless the creative process and let the Holy Spirit come alive in you, so the universe can see how amazing you truly are.

By using the tips outlined above, you will get the blessings you seek.Change your mind about your situation and get up and do something.The words of the hymn will then ring true:Our Savior will hear your humble cry, and surely He won’t pass you by.

Tonya Kerry is a relationship strategist and speaker. Click here for more information on Tonya.