The Case for Character

By: Shenelle Wallace

I was at a church service. And the minister that day was bigging up Jesus (Go Jesus). For me it was no big deal. He was doing his job and professing his faith. He credited Jesus, and then proceeded to discredit any other primary figures people may worship, or look up to. For me, typical sermon, no big deal. For a guest however, it was offensive. “I want no part of any religion which has to tear down others to proclaim theirs” they said. Things that make you go hmm.

I have been a Christian for 2 decades. And I can honestly say that our tactics for trying to “win people to Christ” has not always been the best. There’s the scaring people out of hell into heaven method, the shoving Jesus down your throat method, and then making a laughing stock of other’s beliefs method. The worst part is, it’s not behind their backs, but to their face. I refer back to the scripture which says: “He that winneth souls is wise” and “wisdom is the principle thing.”

It seems that we endeavor to go the extra mile in order to prove to God and others that we are pro Christ. Sure there are instances where that may be necessary. But what about the unbeliever? The “babe” who doesn’t quite get what the hype is about? How can they be open to Him when his representatives are condescending?

We have an assignment to carry out through with the Gospel.  I understand the zeal in which many carry for it. But an atmosphere of love always triumphs that of any other. God knows your heart that you aren’t ashamed of Him.  We don’t have to preach harder to prove it. Our charge is not to offend people to Christ, but to love them to Him.