Now here’s a different type of family movie that’s unpredictable, unlike most. Writer Crystal Senter-Brown creates a story of pride, unforgiveness, loss, and love, all while bringing it back home to faith. Two couples Mason and Sasha, Jacob and Keisha. Mason and Sasha are engaged, Jacob and Keisha have been married for years. Far from the anticipated honeymoon stage, Mason and Sasha are visibly going through it as Mason is obviously experiencing a serious case of cold feet. And while Jacob and Keisha appear to be the perfect God fearing couple, with a fruitful ministry in hand, a lie unravels on both ends that may very well tear life as they know it completely apart. One couple gets a chance at redemption, while the other doesn’t, and self-forgiveness comes into play. This movie takes us through one character’s journey of self forgiveness to find happiness again, and showcases how in spite of life’s down falls we can all find “The Rhythm in Blue.” Coming soon to a theatre near you.
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