Cindy M. Magnan


My beautiful  queens.

God created us to complement His kings.

We are designed to love.

We love, love. We love strong

At  times, we also love WRONG.

We look when we are supposed to be sought.

We chase when we are supposed to be caught.

This desire to love, changes our role into that of a man.

We want to show we are strong and can handle anything.

Yet we are fragile.

Insecurities cause us to be in denial.

In denial of our ability to be the women God designed.

To be patient and wait in kind.

We use the gift of sex for the wrong reasons.

Then woe and cry when “boys” leave us after a lay season.

Instead of waiting for our King who will know his treasure.

We give it up for an empty promise and brief moment of pleasure.

Not being careful some of us may get pregnant with child.

We get excited and tell the “boy”, expecting a smile.

That smile never comes my beautiful women, you’ve been deceived.

The “boy” is scared and denies to the very moment you’ve conceived.

He turns his back, slanders your name, kicks you down verbally with intent to defame.

It’s part of his game because in his mind he is not ready and scared.

He thinks he can deter you by keeping you feared.

My  queens who love, love.

Please know that this isn’t love because LOVE is God,

Only He above.

My queen if you waited. If you placed more value on yourself and just solely dated. Never debated on whether sex should be negated, you would’ve never mated, with a boy who isn’t dedicated.

You would have waited for a real love that is reciprocated….

Waited because you love, love

And you know that God IS love.

Only He knows your heart and can lead a King, a MAN to you.

When you grow to love YOU that’s when your heart is TRUE and ready to imbue a love from above designed for two.

Two to become one in a union God approves.

A king is a man not of this world, but is a man of God.

He will respect you, he won’t neglect you, if you wait for marriage he won’t object and reject you.

As a matter of fact he will work to perfect and protect and knows patience is key.

Know that love, true love lasts an eternity.

My beautiful queens,

God knows we all make mistakes, God also forgives and we continue to live for him and through him we grow……

To know…..

How to patiently wait for our God given King.

When he is YOURS he will come with a ring.

Be patient my beautiful  queens.

Be still…….

Love you! Love God!

LET GOD carry out His WILL!!!!