By: Lady M.

Gospel music always helps to soothe my soul. Often times it gets me through the work day. A few weeks ago, I was having “one of those days” at the office and opted to play some good ‘ol gospel to help lift my spirits. I searched You Tube for a few of my gospel favorites and let her rip. As I was sitting at my desk the mellow sounds a heavenly music from my computer gently filled the air and a few people noticed as they walked by, but continued on about their business. One co-worker in particular stopped, leaned in and asked “What are you listening to?” I looked up. “Its gospel music” I say with a smile, pleased that someone is attracted to what they were hearing. “Do you like gospel music?” I ask her. “No.” She said. “Not really. I’m not into the whole marketing of the gospel.”  Interesting I thought. And since I love these challenging conversations, I decided to probe further.

“What do you mean?” I ask in regards to the last statement she made. “I think what we do with the gospel, is we take worldly concepts and try to spiritualize it.” She went on to say that the music in gospel has been so commercialized that the lyrics lack depth and meaning pertaining to God. It has been watered down to get others to accept it, and she wasn’t for it. Which then raises the question, should the Gospel be marketed? Exactly how do you market Jesus Christ? Is He something to be sold? ‘Any way you get ‘em in, as long as they’re in’, is an argument that has been said.

I have seen the use of secular concepts to reel in the lost plenty of times, but thought nothing of it. Just another way to try to reach sinners. I do wonder however, if some things are taken too far.  On one hand, it makes sense that the presentation of the gospel has to progress. But on the other, we have to be careful not to lose sight of the foundation.

My co-worker and I chatted about this for a few minutes. I didn’t dispute with her on her stance, but chose to do more listening instead.  Basically the Gospel is not a show, and if we present it as such even the “world” will know better and call us out on it.