I was dating someone, and I was really into him. So whenever he called, I made it my duty to answer. I wanted to know him and everything about him. No time was too early or too late for us to spend hours talking. If he called at 2:36AM my sleep would have to wait because my man was on the line. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, it would have to come to a standstill. I took no interruptions when it came to this guy and time was never an issue because I made sure to it that we connected throughout the day.  So why couldn’t I do the same thing for God?

My alone time with God has not been that great at all. I’ve been inconsistent, and have gone days, even weeks without communicating with him. It’s not that I didn’t remember, it’s just that I don’t have the time. I tried reading (the Bible) and praying before I went to bed, but would wake up trying to remember when did I fall asleep. I attempted waking up half an hour early but that didn’t work either. I could barely get out of bed! It’s as if sleep had this strong hold on me where I couldn’t even wake up. I wonder if God bought my excuses for my lack of commitment. In any other relationship one would presume that the other party is not interested. Thank God that He is not like man.

I knew there had to be a change because I started feeling the nudge and that inner voice- who I know is the Holy Spirit- kept reminding me that I needed to make ample time for God. It’s not impossible no matter how hectic my schedule is. My struggle in finding time for God was very real but I realized that I made time for what I deemed important. Subconsciously, though hard to admit, it’s almost as if I was saying God can wait. Even now as I am writing this, that last sentence hit me hard.

Making time for God shouldn’t be an option. It’s actually a priority.  The moment I really grasped this, is the moment I stopped making excuses and made the time. This time around, it worked! Why? Because my mind was made up that it has to. Someone once said “When you are not aligned with God, you are out of sync with yourself.” Agreed. I’ll leave you with this scripture “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God …” (Matthew 6:33) Emphasis on the word “first.” There is no other way.

Written By:  Shenelle Wallace