Lady_in_WaitingI am a lady in waiting, and it seems like I’ve been waiting forever. I’m a few years shy of 30 and not even a potential. Husband that is. I made the decision to wait a long time ago, and haven’t budged since. It’s not so much that I’m not able to contain, I just thought that if I waited in my youth, “He” would come quicker. I was ever so wrong. Not to mention that I know a handful of other women just like me; some who are older. What do I say to that? It is my greatest fear.

I can’t help but wonder as to why some men and women who are “pure” have to go through this long drawn out waiting period. I just don’t think it’s fair. Married people will encourage you to hold on because God has someone for you; meanwhile they go home to their husband/wife, and I go home- alone. I appreciated the pep talk that my husband is on his way, but sometimes I can’t resist the urge to roll my eyes in the back of my head because obviously the “pep talker” doesn’t know what I’m going through. Even with all the “Girl, it’s so not worth it”, and the “If I could go back in time I would have waited”, it just doesn’t sink in. For the record, I’m proud of who I am and my decision, but sometimes my heart does yearn. It’s ok though. I’m allowed to vent.

I consider the story of Sarah and Abraham in the Bible when God promised them a child, but waited years upon years to bless them with one (Genesis 16). For whatever reason he saw fit, he allowed them to wait so long that Sarah got tired of waiting and took matters into her own hands. The result was heartache and pain for all parties involved, and chaos that lasted a lifetime. I wonder what would happen if I took matters into my own hands?

There is no win situation when we choose to be disobedient to God. I know that there’s a reason why He told us to wait. If anything, it’s for our own benefit. I highly doubt that God delights in our torture and pain, deliberately holding back our blessing just because (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).  So yes, I admit, I have my moments, but I always come back to my senses. And here I am, still waiting.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m quite sure it’ll be worth it!