Fashion Designer Rain King is cooking up some fabulous looks in her designer kitchen. So Divine chats with the fashionista as she preps for her Spring 2011 collection.

So Divine: How would you describe the fashions of Kissed by Rain?

Rain King: I originally started with hoodies because it was something simple to do, and at that time it was the fad that was going on. But eventually I started to do more ready to wear and decided that this was the path that I wanted to go on. So I started to do dresses, pants, shorts, tops, and now I do everything! (Laughs)

So Divine: What inspires the line?

Rain King: Other than God – God is one of the biggest ones, that’s where I get most of my inspiration from – my Grandma, she has great style. And the train. I like to people watch and view what they’re wearing. Based on what people will wear different times of the day, I make clothing.

So Divine: Describe the typical woman who wears this brand.

Rain King: The typical woman who wears Kissed by Rain is a very cool woman. She doesn’t take no for an answer, she likes to stand out in a crowd, very eclectic, very daring, inspiring, and different.
So Divine: What is your style philosophy?

Rain King: My style philosophy is PUSH. And basically take whatever’s not hot and make it look good. Push is actually an acronym. Whenever I’m down about something I’m reminded to Pray Until Something Happens. That’s also my philosophy for life.

So Divine: You seem to incorporate God into the line and keep him at the forefront. Why is that important?

Rain King: I believe with God all things are possible.

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