When Jesus was faced with situations He gave thanks first.  He didn’t pray prayers of desperation, He offered up gratitude.  He didn’t cry hopelessly, He didn’t spend weeks moaning and complaining, He moved with certainty.  With five thousand people to feed, He held up a fish up to the heavens and declared, “Thank you.”

What does this action and  declaration teach us?  The power of gratitude.  Recognition that the problem is solved without ever even stating what it is, that’s an act of power.  That’s the power of “thank you” and it works:   Everybody at the Master’s feet was fed and satisfied. That’s belief and hope in action.

You want hope concerning what you may think is a “love-less” life?

Girlfriend, stop sitting around crying about the fact that you don’t have a man right now.  Boyfriend, put your heart back together and accept the fact that your woman left.  It hurts, but push past the pain long enough to whisper, “Thank you.”  When one relationship door closes, another one opens.  However, you can’t even see the relationship opportunity door opening if you are stuck in what could’ve been with him, or what you think should’ve happened with her.

You really want things in your love life to change? Stop waiting.  Say, “Thank you” right now and get moving.  You are waiting on God, but God is waiting you.  Jesus saw the problem and put his hands up holding the fish.  Get moving.  Stop sitting around telling your friends, “No” when they invite you out.  Go out.  Take action.

Recently I met with my mentor, motivational great, Les Brown.  He said to the audience, “Steve Jobs created five new things since first being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 and you – you are still sitting there crying over the divorce.”

Yours may not have been a have a divorce, maybe it was a break-up, a loss, or a separation.  The point is the same:  It’s time to get on with the get on.  You may not have a man right now, but grab onto the hope for a new one.   You may not be with your lady anymore, but trust the process and keep hope alive:  God is still working on the love of your life.

Keeping hope alive is about keeping your heart alive – alive to the idea that you can love again.  Don’t become bitter.  Decide to free yourself and move on from the anger.  As long as your heart is open you can love.  And when you do, laugh, love, and joyously engage in a relationship again, give us all a praise report.

Written by: Tonya Kerry

Tonya Kerry, Esq. is known as The Relationship Strategist and is also an author. She is committed to empowering others and helping them to succeed in life and in love. Her book, Twelve Secrets to Living a Life You Love, will inspire you to take action on your dreams. Tonya expects to soon publish How to Attract an Amazing Man. She currently serves as Administrative Law Judge and lectures around the country. You can reach Tonya atwww.tonyakerryspeaks.com or by telephone at (800) 775-4395.