Woman in GlassesCan I be honest with you for a minute? People never cease to amaze me. I’ve noticed that when people find out that you’re saved they expect you to act a certain way and exhibit a certain type of behavior; and they should. After all, we are called to a higher standard (I Peter 1:16, I Peter 2:9). But what I’m getting at here is when folks deliberately push your buttons to see how far you’ll let them go, and how you’ll react, eager to remind you to be on your best behavior in spite of; because remember you are a Christian. Have you ever been pushed by someone to the limit? How did you react?

I recall an incident when I had to take a cab to my destination because I was running late.
The driver and I struck up a conversation and somewhere in there I happen to mention that I was a Christian. When I arrived to the place I was going, I asked “How much?” He looked at me, and charged a ridiculous amount for the distance that he drove. I know because it’s not the first time that I’ve taken a cab that route. I was furious! He tried to rip me off! I yelled in my own defense, and before I could finish, he blurted out “And you say you’re a Christian!?” And then he laughed.
When we’re tested, we should undoubtedly act out of love. But the bible itself lets us know that it’s ok to be angry, just as long as we don’t sin in the process (Ephesians 4:26). I left the cab feeling all kinds of ways. I was still angry, but more concerned that I did a poor job in representing myself as a Christian. I concluded that it was important for me to stand up for myself, rather than allow him to try to use my faith against me.  So for those individuals who decide to nit-pick at any and everything that I do, let me make a few things clear to you- Just because I’m saved doesn’t mean:
I’m a push over

You can walk all over me

I won’t check you real quick…..and so on. Dear readers, don’t be afraid to add to the list.

Written By: Shenelle Wallace