By: Tonya Kerry

It’s almost here again: Valentine’s Day.  Hearts, Candy, Flowers, Dates,… and for some of us a lot of “ugh!”  It’s all good for your friends who have a love, but you girlfriend, are sitting there looking like a lost lonely puppy.  February 14th is creeping in and you are still sitting around waiting for Mr. Wonderful to show up with a bouquet of roses and the perfect swag.   There is just one problem: Superman is not coming.  Nothing has changed.  With the exception of one or two more bad dates in your arsenal, you are hopeless; hoping for the all-too-illusive Valentine to ring your doorbell, sweep you off you feet, and ask you to live happily ever after.

Here’s the truth:  Superman is not bursting through the front door to fly you off into your fantasy.  The fact is that if you don’t do something right now to turn your situation around, Valentine’s Day 2013 will be sitting on the calendar looking at you once again.

What’s the very first thing you should do?  Face the facts:  At the moment,

Mr. Valentine is not knocking on the front door, and this year you may not get swept off your feet.  Guess what else?  It is all okay.  You have to make things okay and declare that it’s time to stop obsessing about love, time to quit complaining.  Complaining about being lonely or not having love on Valentine’s Day is one sure fire way that will keep you where you are in the land of lonely Valentines.

If you happen to be the one who is lonely this Valentine’s Day, do YOU really want things to turn around?

Be Grateful

Every time you see what looks like love say, “Thank you.”  If you don’t acknowledge love when you see it, you won’t appreciate love when you get it.  When you do see love whisper words of gratitude and give God a wink.

Master the Art of Re-Inventing Yourself

God is working on his end to send love your way.  You have to trust that.  Do you have your end?  Instead of sitting around complaining about what you don’t have, begin to honor what you do have.

The very best way to assure that you have a valentine in the future is to become one right now.  So, this year, do something new.  For example, send some Valentine’s Day cards to your friends and loved ones.  Remember to pour some love on your mother. And for Pete’s sake, take your own self to dinner.  Make some changes in your love life and watch your life change.

Tonya Kerry, Esq. is a relationship strategist and speaker.  She specializes in personal development and relationship success.  With 10 years of experience, Tonya helps others maximize their relationship potential.  She is also the Author of Twelve Secrets to Living a Life You Love and will soon publish, How to Attract an Amazing Man:   Power Principles for Getting the Love You Deserve.  She is happily married and affectionately calls her husband a six foot two sack of sugar!  To find out more about her speaking and training, please visit or call (800) 775-4395.