dreamstime_s_6876701By: Monica

I’m not a virgin…gasp, sigh, swoon, do what you have to do, but also get over it. In addition to being single for 8 years I’ve also been abstinent/celibate/ for an extended period of time. On the outside looking in, I’d be willing to make the argument that I think sex while dating can actually ruin relationships.

Primarily because of the different views men and women have on sex. For the most part if a woman has sex with a man she likes him. So in turn she thinks just because a man has sex with her he wants more as it pertains to their situation. However, most men will have sex with just about any woman even if he doesn’t like her. (Ask guys how many of them like their baby momma)

Secondly because of what sex does to people, like it or not when you have sex with someone you become soul tied or, intimately bonded with that person. Despite what society says, sex was not created to be recreational or experimental, it was meant to unite two as one. Either you inherit their issues or they take a piece of you with them or both.

Think about it, have you ever seen a tumultuous couple? Or a couple that has a really nasty break up? How about two people who are on and off more than people’s clothes? I guarantee you these people in these toxic situations are sexually active. How else can you be so upset with someone you are dating, or so unable to let go of somebody unless you are sleeping with then?

It makes me wonder, if you knew what someone’s soul looked like…would you still sleep with them? I guess I went down a somewhat biblical route for my thesis. It all seems common sense to me…and I always get hit with the: “Don’t you want to test drive the car?” comments and I always have a response to those kinds of questions…want my answer? Just ask…

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