By: Taylor Dodson (February 2011)

I Don’t Fit In — This phrase has become common to a full-out, on-fire-for-Christ, picking-up-their-cross-and-leaving-the-rest-behind-believer, like myself! Once I became a friend of God, I became an enemy of the world. I receive and accept that as a fact…looking at not “fitting in” as a compliment and an honor.

Currently a freshman in High School, I stand out in my boldness for Christ. Some even call me radical, having started a Bible Study group within the walls of the public school I attend. But fitting in is important at my age. So even for Little Miss Sold-Out me, at one point, w/o even realizing it, I had become an undercover Christian. As excited as I was to be walking for God, I had grown afraid of what others would think. At the end of the day, being the loner out on a limb in high school is no fun. I actually made myself believe it was okay to hide because God understands me and knows my heart. But I didn’t allow myself to stay in that space for long. Someone had to stand up and if it wasn’t me, who then? I had a simple but complex choice to make; it’s either for Christ or against Him. I made the choice to proclaim Him. In my proclamation, it has become less lonely on this side of the fence. I see players switching teams; being encouraged to do the same…knowing that salvation is a good look!

For all my new, up and coming believers, this is the stage of life when your closest friends seem to fade away or even disappear all together. Conversations become awkward and you seem to have less in common by the day. It’s not because you don’t still care for one another. It’s because once you turn to Christ and are serious about it, you become aware of certain things; what didn’t seem bad at first…things you never gave a second thought, you begin to have less tolerance for. Sin + Holiness = Do Not Mix! For us who are striving to be Christ-like, that equation should apply to us and be a constant reminder.

The greatest decision you have ever made may seem to be backfiring. You may be second guessing your faith or even hiding your true feelings about God. Don’t fall for the tricks. Remember, it was Jesus who was crucified for your sins. This transition might seem confusing at first, even lonely. But hey…even Jesus was denied by his very own disciple, Peter and was betrayed by Judas who claimed to love Him. Job 19:19 states, “All my intimate friends detest me; those I love have turned against me.” Don’t give up, continue to pray and remember that in Christ you have a real friend who loves you for who you are and most of all, conquered death so that we can live! How many friends have you had that fit that description? No not one!

I will leave you with something I say to myself daily, “I Don’t Fit In to your mold of who I should be because I choose to Fit In to God’s mold of why He created me.” Go on and shine for His glory!