Let GOWhy is letting go so hard to do? Inspiring posts on Face Book read: “When I let go of what I am, I finally become what I might be.” “Forget the past, leave it behind.” “Keep moving forward – don’t look back,” etc. They sound good! I can hear myself thinking as I read, “That’s how I feel” or “OMG, they’re talking about me!” How can you not let go after reading such uplifting posts, huh? Okay, why haven’t you? Is it the rush you get while reading them? Have you noticed that once you finish reading, your REAL thoughts reemerge? Those attitudes and defenses caused by perspectives once again take over your character. So, HOW do you move from where you are to where you want to be? HOW do you bridge this gap?

Sounds crazy from someone also struggling, but these inner battles have caused me to conclude change is mandatory! Life’s about change and if you resist, you’ll never meet your best self. Higher living demands a higher state of being and a higher mindset. Repeating the same poor choices prevents growth. We exist today because of a choice. The situation you’re in today is due to your choices. Answer these questions: Do I want to grow to a higher level of myself? How do I become what I’m not? Am I willing to do the work? The answers actually lie within the post itself. Bridging the gap requires that you turn (change) the words into work. Each post tells you the specific work to be done. Start by: Accepting your role in the situation; Learning the lesson and “don’t do it again;” and, Forgiveness of self and others – GOD, THAT’S HARD! Yes, but necessary. After all, change is about letting go!


Article By: Camellia Lynn