2020 Was supposed to be the year of vision. A fresh start to a new decade, and a chance to make our wrongs right. But the year had something else in mind, and shortly after it began, our plans became obsolete. The world took a turn for the worst as COVID-19 spread like wildfire across the globe, causing our world to literally shut down. No one was prepared for the virus, that violently snatched our loved ones in minutes, leaving millions deceased and others in despair. How on earth, do we move forward?

Bodies dying by the second, no formal way to send off our loved ones, essential workers burnt out and at risk, people forced to be a part.  Days became unpredictable not knowing who is going to pass next. What a world we are living in.

It’s difficult to trust and believe when reality gets real. Faith isn’t tangible when death is staring you in the face, and fear grips the planet entirely refusing to let go. Still, our hope is in reaching out, or crying out to a God who saw the end before the beginning. A God who knows all, sees and, and even in our dark moments, loves all. In that, I will rest.

I myself have lost loved ones to the virus, family who would still be here if the virus didn’t exist. Tragedies, death, and global pandemics are a part of life. We grieve naturally so, and by the grace of God we manage to push through. There is hope in knowing, that this too shall pass.  And although we may have lost those dear to our hearts, we are still here. We may not know why, but God does. We don’t have the answers but God does. We are hurting, but God still cares.