December 2013 FashionH&M $59.95RIhanna For MACBy: Debbie Louis

Looking for a holiday outfit can be difficult! We tend to follow trending colors, over think our looks, or sometimes we end up just a little too plain.

The best Fashion for the holidays is to think clean, think colors, and think chic! So here’s a quick guide to finding a great holiday outfit:

Things we think we can’t wear during the winter –  Maxi Skirts! Pairing a great fitted shirt with a maxi and dress boots will definitely work for the winter. 

When going out with friends during the holiday, Leather is definitely an option for men and women. Leather pants will not only keep you warm, its tre chic. Match it up with a pair of booties, a nice top and the perfect accessory and you are surely holiday party ready! Men can wear boots as well.

Ladies: Don’t forget to pair your outfits with a great Lipstick. My favorite Rebel (MAC) or Ruby Woo (Rihanna-MAC)