Heart CourageousBy: Destiny Chaser

I was in my classroom one day and I was preparing myself to go to lunch when a song began to ring over my spirit. It was called “Heart Courageous.”  As it was ringing in my ears I started singing the chorus: “We’re marching on with heart courageous,

we’ll follow anywhere you want us to, and should you lead us where the battle rages

Let us march with heart courageous after you.” I had not heard, neither had I sung this song in over 26 years when I was on the youth choir.  I know that being in tune with God at times He allows a song to saturate your spirit because it is either giving you a message or a word of encouragement.  I researched the song and the words were so amazing and encouraging.

There is a battle that is going on even as I am writing this article.  The battle is raging for your soul, your family, your health, and your job; anything that the devil feels he can steal.  However, in order to conquer this battle we must have a heart that is courageous. Not too long ago, I read a book entitled The Dream Giver by, Bruce Wilkinson and there was a boy named Ordinary who knew that he was more than where he was, so he set out to pursue his dream.  As he was on the road out of the familiar, he began to feel anxious. As he got further and further from his comfort zone he came upon an invisible wall of fear. Many times as we walk this Christian road we face fearful moments but we must be courageous.  I talked bout this story because at this point ordinary had to be courageous.  In the book Bruce Wilkinson gave a magnificent definition of courage. He said that courage is not the absence of fear, rather it is choosing to act in spite of fear. This depicts exactly what a heart that is courageous is all about.

A heart that is courageous will pick up the cross and follow Jesus in spite of, one that will bare persecution in spite of, will continue though being lied on in spite of, will press on though hated for no reason in spite of.  See, God did not promise us a bed of roses, but despite it all we can march on with a heart that is courageous because we have our army general Almighty God along side us.  So today continue to march on but with a heart that is courageous.