Have you ever salivated at the sight of a handbag so delicious you had to have it? No? Only I do that?  Don’t lie to me.  I know I am not the only one.  Don’t be shy, you’re not alone.  The leather can smell so good and the hardware so shiny you feel you just have to have that bag on your shoulder… See! I knew you had it in you… so let the drooling begin!

Drool #1: Invest in a Tote Bag.  Totes are those kinds of bags that we put everything in.  Aside from our wallet, keys, makeup, phone and iPod, we put water bottles, umbrellas, magazines, sweaters, flip flops, our mothers, little sisters and brothers… you get the drift.

1     002



Drool #2: Carry those books in style. Remember when you had a Jansport in Junior High School with the “strings” on the zipper?  Well try to forget that memory! You’re grown now!  It’s time to be sophisticated.  Some of you are still in school or have gone back to school.  Those textbooks can get heavy from carrying your tote bag on your shoulder and the books in your hand.  Solve that problem by getting a cute and stylish backpack.

004 005



Drool #3: Always clutch your bag.  Why? Because it’s nighttime and that’s when all the crazy people come out!  A clutch is the perfect accessory for a night on the town.  It’s compact, cute and carries just the few items you may need.


007 008


Everyday Drool:  Bags are a good investment that can last a lifetime, so if you have the funds, spend the money.  Don’t continue to buy cheap bags when you can buy a few good ones!

I hope you’ve liked the bags featured!  Until next month… wipe the drool from your mouth and carry those bags with style!