’m a prude. I’ll admit.  Note:

 Prude a person who is excessively proper or modest in speech, conduct, dress, etc.

 I always have been, and I probably always will be. I abide by the rules and I don’t apologize for it. I stand out because I am polite, fairly quiet, and I smile J. In a world where bad is deemed as good and being prudent is old news, I can’t help but wonder, when did it become a bad thing to be a good girl? Is bad the new good? And how did I manage to ruffle so many feathers by being… good?

I had gotten into an argument with a friend over something really small. It’s one of those little arguments that turn big, when someone suddenly spits fire, which is totally left field, and you wonder where that comment came from. “You think you’re better than me?” “Acting like you’re so perfect.” “You’re not better than anyone out here! Just because you go to church!” Um…huh?

I’ve heard those comments before, where I’ve been accused for trying to be perfect. “Too good.” But after reflecting on past comments from others (some in my circle) I’ve realized that there is no harm in trying to be good, better, best.  Sometimes people’s problem with you is really their problem with themselves. We all get to choose who we want to be. We also choose to accept people for who they are. I’ve always thought that for the most part, I was accepted just the way I am, not knowing that I was secretly despised for striving to do good.

They’ve hated greater than me without a cause, so it’s no surprise that it can happen. When you live for God’s approval and not man’s, the bigger picture becomes that much more clear.