By: K-Lyric (August 2010)

God is amazing. He is the “Alpha” and the “Omega”

He sits high and He looks low. He sees and yes He knows. (He’s omnipotent)

We as people can’t pull anything over His eyes.

“For His eyes are watching us”.

I know He is a Miracle Worker. He works miracles if you just believe.

I have encountered many experiences where He has spoken to me on many levels.

I can remember one Sunday morning when I was getting ready for church.

I left the house and walked to the bus stop.

As I was sitting down waiting for my bus to arrive, I looked into the clouds and how gray the sky looked.  I took a moment and thought to myself…. “It looks like it is going to pour rain” should I go back for my umbrella?” is what I silently thought.

I decided to be a risk taker that day. I did not want to miss any parts of the service.

When I got off the bus, just as I thought, the rain came pouring down and there I was with no umbrella. To make matters worse, I had to stand in the rain to wait for another bus. I said to myself Dear God. I really wish I had a car right now or enough cash on me to take a cab to church.

Now here is where I received the “confirmation” that God hears our prayers.

I was standing at the bus stop. (Light bulb) there was a red light.

A woman pulled up and asked me if I was going to church. I replied. Yes I am.

The woman asked me would I like a ride. I paused for a moment thinking to myself, should I or should I not catch a ride, after all she was a stranger to me.

The rain kept pouring so I took my chances and got in the car.

I felt a good vibe from her and her presence seem so warm. She knew that I was going to church that was the reason why she offered me the ride,

Not only was that my first time taking a ride from a stranger, but He heard my prayer and sent an answer immediately.

The moral of this story is: God hears you and He will answer you!

He’s not a genie and does not make wishes come true, He makes wonderful miracles happen. When you serve Him as a purpose in your life, He will work out miracles for you.

What happened to me that Sunday morning? It was a miracle. This woman did not take that direction normally, but she decided to go a different route.

I was serving Him and His Purpose. I needed His assistance.  He chose that special way

of letting me know, He hears my call, for if we make the first step, God will make the second!