By: Dolly P.

Let’s be frank, when I hear these words “Boring Christian”, I quite clearly want to ask the grown individual what exactly, are they defining as fun?

If you think drunken parties where everyone ends up with a case of hangovers as fun, then yep, being a Christian isn’t any fun at all…not one bit.

But, if this idea of fun comes from feeling like you belong apart of a group that hangs out and does things together, then the answer is not to change religions- it’s changing who you hang out with.

I am without any shadow of a doubt, probably the most boring person in the world…IF you let the world at large tell you the story. I don’t curse, I don’t smoke(asthma), I don’t have sex(virgin until married-or death…whichever comes first), and lastly I attend church as close to every Sunday as I possibly can.

But boring???? Yeah, no. My weeks are full of basketball, baseball and football games which I work at my alma mater on game days. I attend free concerts all the time and have recently begun interviewing some of the amazing up and coming artists that are on the cusp of hitting it big in the tops-turvy music world. I call MLB and NBA players friends and have traveled around the country apart of an NCAA Tournament bound ACC Women’s Basketball Team. Most of the time, my friends are asking ME what’s to do in town!

At the ripe old age of 29, I have had five lifetimes of great experiences! And the biggest reason is because I allow God to be GOD, and for my friends to be friends. I follow Christ, His example, I LOVE BIG, and am proud of the accomplishments of my friends, I love being a part of the great things that they do…but I stop at destructive behavior. I do not encourage nor do I condone any of them sleeping around or getting drunk beyond remembrance, or lying to anyone. I love them, but I am IN Love with Christ. And therein lies the rub.

Most of us want to be able to be seen as cool and want to participate in everything that our worldly friends participate in. We look at Christ and see that even He interacted with prostitutes, gentiles, tax preparers and the worst of the un-Godly, and we want to do the same….

The problem is, is that God knew WHO He was, and He did not alter that for anyone around Him. He was the same Loving, All-Knowing Jesus Christ when He was with His disciples as He was when He was with broken sinners. He brought His LOVE and His lighter yoke to them…He carried their burdens when they allowed Him to, but never once did He pick up the behavior of any of them in order to appease them, in order to make them feel less guilty.

Look at Luke 18:18-22. Here there is a wealthy ruler who asks Jesus how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus could have given the man lip service, but He didn’t, He saw the man’s heart and what he lacked. And so He instructed the man to give up that which was an impediment between him and God….his wealth. Jesus did not worry about gaining this man as a friend; instead He was more concerned with teaching and telling him the Truth. How many of us truly worry about our friends souls on a daily basis? How many of us worry about how our actions will be interpreted by those who have no idea who God is and what Love is?

In Mark 9:50 Jesus says “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.”

WE, as Christians ARE supposed to be the salt of this Earth, but if we look, sound and act like everyone else…then how is anyone supposed to want or desire to hold onto the same thing that we profess to hold onto. We live within this world, but we are NOT supposed to look like it. We are called to be separate beings with a Higher purpose. This does NOT mean that we can’t have fun and enjoy our lives. It means that we laugh, learn, and love as if God is standing beside us at every moment of every day. We bring our troubles to God, we forgive quickly, we give hugs, we bring joy, sunshine, light and laughter into every situation we are in. We bring GOD to the function through our actions and our prayers.

God looks at each of us through the individual purpose that He has set within us from the beginning of time. It is why Jesus was able to drink at wedding festivals, yet John the Baptiste did not. So first each of us must find our purpose through God, and then conduct our lives from there. In this way, it is NOT good for me to travel extensively now…my purpose is at home, but for those who are called to be Missionaries, there purpose is to travel far and wide. They derive their greatest joy from doing that which God has called them to, my greatest joy is when I get to be a the ultimate fan to my friends from all of the places I have been. Only God knows where you will find your joy….and from my experience it is well worth it to spend as much time as need be to uncover the secrets of your heart. Because where there is joy, there lies “fun”.