Don't Worry God I got your backBy: Shenelle Wallace

It was a typical day at the office. I was sitting at my desk when I overheard a comment from one coworker to the next about God. That comment turned into a full blown argument. Coworker A was demeaning God, and co worker B was defending Him. Not one to let anyone question her God, she put on her armor, ready to fight. Others passing by stopped to add their 2 cents. Me? I sat there with my back turned to the crowd and stayed silent. Until finally, someone stopped at my desk demanding my attention. “Aren’t you going to chime in?” He said, with a mischievous grin. “No” I said. I smiled and continued about my business. Had it been a few years back, I would have tackled the opposer taking that conversation head on. But having done that one too many times, with zero results, I  realized that those conversations leave you angry and exhausted. The individual on the other end of the discussion is not left inspired, and you are left frustrated, that they can’t see what you see. In The end, you’d have gotten nowhere.

Does God really need us to fight for Him? Not to be confused with taking a stand for Christ (which is totally different), one preacher said it best when he stated “You don’t come to God by explanation, you come to God by revelation.” And only the Holy Spirit can do that. Remember Peter? When he drew his sword in Jesus’ defense? Or how about Moses, when he smote the rock angry on behalf of God. Both men were reprimanded by the man Himself.

Sharing your faith and arguing for God are 2 different things. The former presents a willing heart while the latter, not so much. Someone summed it up

best by saying: “I’m not going to convince you of something that it takes faith to believe when all you have to offer me is unbelief.”