Dating in the 21st Century is not your grandmothers dating. Back in the days, all grandpa Johnny had to do to get grandma Olga, was go to her window and throw a rock. Grandma knew who it was, so she would come out, and they would talk. They knew they had to work together and did what they had to do to make their relationship survive. In the 21st century that is not the case. There are cell phones, and online dating, there’s social media, so there are tons of options.  We tell people you have to make yourself available and to put yourself out there so people know that you exist. Take good care of yourself and keep yourself up. But the main question to simplify your everything, is what do you want. If we can answer this question, we will solve the mystery about dating.

What type of relationship do you want? Do you want a causal relationship or do you want to get married? Who do you want to date? Do you want to date within your race, or outside of your race? Are there enough people in your race ratio to date only within your race? Are you open to dating at all? These questions help you identify what you want and eliminate what you don’t. The rules for some has changed, so what you want has to be that more clear.

Whether you’re for a physical list, or against one, a mental list is needed to help you navigate. And when you know what you want, it’s that much easier to identify it when it shows up.