Gospel artist Danielle Lewis keeps going, and going. She has a new devotional and a new CD to go along with it! Hear what she’s has to say about both:

So Divine: You chose to write a devotional, as your first book. Why not a memoir or an autobiography?

Danielle Lewis: A devotional is more giving. In order for me to be effective in this part of my life I need to let people know how not to make the same mistakes I did. This devotional is based on my life, but it’s not an autobiography.

So Divine: How is it different from other devotionals; the usual scripture a day and prayer a day?

Danielle Lewis: This adds confession. So we have confession, a scripture, and personal excerpts from my life and travels. I added two devotions based on my trip to Egypt. You’re going to want to read it!

So Divine: This CD is an EP. Tell us about it.

Danielle Lewis: This album is a soundtrack to the book. So while you’re reading your devotion or your Bible, you can play this in the background. I wanted to create something that would create an experience.

You can purchase your copy of Danielle Lewis’ Devotional and CD here.