Danielle 2By: Shenelle Wallace

Danielle Lewis is full of joy! Her spirit is bubbly, her heart is happy, and her voice is oh so pure! So Divine caught up with Ms. Lewis while she was planning and gearing up for her Atlanta album release.  Come along as she takes us on a journey of her past, present, and future.

So Divine: Congratulations miss Danielle on the success so far of Amazing.

Danielle Lewis: Thank you!

So Divine: You’re welcome! Tell us where did the title “Amazing” come from?


Danielle Lewis: It came from track number seven on my project. That’s the last track that I did, and to me it just expressed everything that I really felt about the whole process. So I titled the song Amazing, and the whole CD Amazing because it was an accomplishment. It was something that God said ‘Look, I gave you this to do’, and I feel like I was able to complete it.

So Divine: Were you brought up in the church?

Danielle Lewis: Yes ma’am! My mom was a prophetess, and my step mother is too, and my dad is an elder and a pastor. So the church is all I’ve known. I used to go to prayer meeting with my blankey!

So Divine: (Laughs) Was there ever a period where you felt like you needed to go out into the world and experience life apart from the church?


Danielle Lewis: Yeah. I was young. I was about 17 or 18 and I was a bit disillusioned because my mom died when I just turned seventeen so I was a little angry with church people and just felt that everything was so fake.

So Divine: A lot of people experience things in their life where they feel like it’s not fair, I didn’t deserve this, why me? And then they get angry with God. How did you bounce back from the loss of your mother?


Danielle Lewis: Being angry all the time, and depressed, and drained, I was giving so much energy to remembering what people did to me, who didn’t come to the funeral; and I realized that I wasn’t progressing in life. So in order for me to embrace love, and ministry, I can’t walk around being mad. So I went through a process of releasing that anger so that I could grow as a person.


So Divine: What was the turning point that brought you back to the church?


Danielle Lewis: It was after a situation with my [ex] boyfriend. I had put my heart and my life in another person’s hand and I realized I can’t put all my trust into one person like that. I just came to the realization within myself that I had to make sure that what I was doing was in alignment with what God wants me to do, because nobody is going to catch me except God you know?

So Divine: How has being in ministry and singing gospel music changed your life?


Danielle Lewis: Well, you know, I’ve been singing since I was four, and I definitely feel like it has shaped me to be a well rounded person; being able to meet people on an everyday basis, to reach out and hear other people’s experiences and stories. So there’s definitely a lot about me as a woman that I would credit, to signing gospel; but more so the experience of doing ministry. It‘s made me a more patient and giving individual.

So Divine: Why do you think God chose you to do this?


Danielle Lewis: Honey! I think that there was an assignment that needed to be done, and he just made somebody for the assignment. I think before the foundation of the world – like he said – he fashioned me to do this. I think the assignment chose me.

So Divine: Ok. Now, where all human and we all have days when we just want to be left alone. How do you deal with times when you have bad days, knowing that you still have to go out there and sing?

Danielle Lewis: I think that those are the best times. When I have bad days – because I do, I try to talk it out with my fiancé, or I’ll try to find a scripture that pertains to my situation and just hold on to it and pray.

So Divine: So you mentioned that you have a fiancé..

Danielle Lewis: Yes I do!

So Divine: Talk to us about the process of waiting on the Lord for a mate, because I know that there are lot ladies in waiting so to speak.

Danielle Lewis: I think that what made me a better and more patient “waiter” is the fact that I was doing things within my passion, and that helped me. God forbid I was doing things that really didn’t interest me. I think that I would probably be trying to fill my time up with people I meet. So singing helped me to wait, and also I have a good family foundation. My parents were not trying to hear me bringing everybody [home].

So Divine: What’s the best part about singing and being in ministry?

Danielle Lewis: Ooh that’s a good question! (Laughs) The best part that I feel being in ministry number one, is being able to accomplish what I was put on this earth to do. The other part is traveling and meeting people. I Looove people! Love, love, love!

So Divine: What’s the downside? 

Danielle Lewis: The downside of being in the industry I would definitely say is the judgmental part of it. What I mean by that is the part where most people put ministers on a pedestal where we have to be completely perfect. Now I do believe we have a great responsibility. But the judgmental part of it is something that I don’t find to be enjoyable in ministry.

So Divine: If you could collaborate with any Gospel artist who would it be?

Danielle Lewis: Yolanda Adams! I love her completely, and utterly! Second CeCe. Can I say two people?

So Divine: Yes, you can say two people. Do you draw from them in your music?

Danielle Lewis: Definitely.

So Divine: Would you ever consider collaborating with a secular artist? How do you feel about that?


Danielle Lewis: It depends on who it was. I feel like they don’t necessarily call us to collaborate with them but we call them more to collaborate with us. You understand what I’m saying? And I just feel like that’s something that should be looked at. I appreciate secular artists. One of my best friends is a secular artist. But this is what I do feel.

So Divine: In your performances, what message are you trying to convey to the audience? Overall what do you want someone to get when they’re watching Danielle Lewis live?

Danielle Lewis: It sounds corny, but I just really want them to get love. Traveling overseas and seeing how people respond to the way you come across in a song, they’re looking to feel that you love what you do, and you want to be there.

So Divine: And last but not least, why are you so convinced by this gospel?

Danielle Lewis: I’m convinced because I’ve seen it work in my life.


So Divine: Go ‘head girl. Amen.



Be sure to visit Danielle’s official site http://purelydanielle.com/

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