By: Marie W.

I’d like to dispel a myth. The myth that Christians are subpar human beings. The myth that we float on air day in and day out with our heads in the clouds completely oblivious to what goes on here below with the rest of you earthlings. One look at you and I’ll dust my shoulders off ‘cause I’m so caught up in heaven that you can’t touch me. Not so my friend. Christians are people too.

I was working on a project and needed sponsors and advertisers to help fund it. During one of my meet and greets, after mentioning that my project was geared toward a Christian audience, a woman looked at me very perplexed and then asked, “Well what type of advertisers are you looking for?” Maybe it’s just me, but the manner in which she asked assumed that I was looking for a special type of spiritual advertisement, which could be further from the truth. I explained to her, beverage ads, clothing, food, automobiles and the likes. Christians are people too. We like soft drinks, we wear clothes, we drive cars.

After being asked to co-host a radio show discussing Christians in reality television I found it interesting and even sad that some people felt that Christians should put on a front as if to appear holier than thou when on display for the world to see. Maybe that’s why we’re so often viewed as off the deep end! The discussion stemmed from Mary Mary’s reality show “Mary Mary”. I give credit to the gospel group for allowing us to see their lives off the red carpet and in their homes. I have watched every episode and was delighted that everyone had a chance to see the realness and very human side of Christians, flaws and all. Throughout the show, they got angry, sad, happy, hurt, they argued, made up, they were conflicted on certain things being Christian, they agreed to disagree, they loved in their relationships, got on each other’s nerves etc. I enjoyed every bit of it!

I have seen people look at Christians and stand afar off because we seemingly can’t relate to them and live a life that is out of reach. The fact is Christians are humans too. The only difference is that we have accepted Jesus as Lord of our lives. The gospel is inclusive and so is God’s love. No one is excluded. There is room for all.

As if I hadn’t said it enough in this article, Christians are people too. And I think it’s something you ought to know.