By: Shenelle Wallace (October 2010)

So Divine: How did you come up with the idea for Christ Nation?

Kevin Thompson saw a void in Christian social media and sought to fill it right away.    Christ Nation, the Christian facebook (if you will) is a new interactive site for all Christians, no matter what your background or denomination. As founder and CEO, Kevin created “A global community living life in the prosperity of Christ.”

Kevin T.: The idea for Christ Nation came from a friend saying “They need to have a Christian Facebook.” And I thought that’s a great idea. I did some research on it and realized there was no social media or social networking sites for Christians other than Christian Singles. But nothing that really focuses on content and our belief. So the idea sparked in my head that maybe this is something I should endeavor on my own. With the concept of facebook functionalities I wanted to cater to people outside of just saying “hi” or sending a status of what you’re doing for the day. The site itself is a little more interactive, and have things that facebook does not.

So Divine: Why do you think this kind of outlet is necessary for Christians?

Kevin T.:  I think it’s necessary because as Christians we tend to be the most segregated of all religions. There are so many denominations-I think over forty the last time I checked. We all claim to have the essential basics or commonality which is Christ; however, everyone has so many types of interpretations. The whole purpose of Christ Nation is uniting everyone. Maybe it’s important for us to understand each other, instead of saying ‘well this person doesn’t have it right, and this person doesn’t have it right.’ Truthfully, we’re all trying to figure out what is right, or at least get closer to a universal concept. One thing is for sure, God’s love is the key. Christ died for us. Let’s start from there, and let’s build up and not be so segregated anymore.

So Divine: Where did the name “Christ Nation” come from? What does it represent?

Kevin T.: Honestly, I just prayed for it and that was the name that came to my head. It’s a very powerful name to me and going back to what I said, it represents uniting everyone, you know? One nation under God. Like mindedness.  If we are the bride of Christ, and we are the church and we’re divided so much, obviously that’s room for so many attacks. That’s why Christianity itself is probably one of the most heated religions. It doesn’t matter what denomination you claim; people just don’t like Christ. I do believe a lot of that contributes to us not having a unified front where we are together as a nation working together with a commonality and goal in mind.

So Divine: Do you worry about comparisons to facebook?

Kevin T.: I don’t. The first thing you see when you enter the site is the interactive portion. In that portion that’s where you get to explore the site and realize that it’s nothing like facebook.  Once you get down to the general content of the site, the site will be a lot more adventurous than facebook.

So Divine: What do you want people to know about the God that you serve?

Kevin T.: That the God that we serve is for everyone. For too long I think he’s been held exclusive, and that’s really not the right thing. Those who are not even apart of the church get the feeling that we may say that we’re all about love and we’re all about one, but we don’t really show that. They feel more judged or displaced rather than welcomed with love. Christ came to die for everyone. That’s the God I serve.

So Divine: Ultimately, what are you hoping the site will accomplish?

Kevin T.: I’m hoping the site will be a tool to unite and evangelize at the same time. I also would like the site to grow into something where you can actually go there and learn. It will become an auxiliary for ministries, it will be multifunctional. A one stop shop for resources for all kinds.

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